Stressin’ out? I hear ya. There’s pretty much a never ending cascade of things to stress about. But yanno, they’ll all be there later. They won’t mind if you take a few minutes to step away and distract yourself. And your brain will thank you for it!

Enjoy a silly distraction with these 15 funny memes to make your day a little brighter.

15. Clean compost

I’m sorry, is he spraying water underwater?

14. Why oh fry

This betrayal will not soon be forgotten.

13. Get ready

Hope you like walking, dummy.

12. The pits

It’s all coming together now.

11. Ding dong ditch

It’s either this or they risk seeing me in my bathrobe again.

10. Mine cringe

The internet is a cursed place and we mustn’t visit it anymore.

9. Miracle of technology

It puts a lot of Star Trek tech to shame but I mostly use it for this.

8. In the clasp

This is what it looks like when I put a tweeter on mute.

7. Agony of defeat

Starting is the hardest part, but it’s pretty damn hard.

6. Happy Caturday

Some things never change.

5. The fuzz

I get tingles just looking at this.

4. Tactile feedback

The future of gaming is now.

3. For real

Yeah, this totally makes sense.

2. Eccentricities

Every art teacher looks like they’ve been playing with balloons all day.

1. Big kitty energy

Don’t mess with me, I WILL hug you.

Memes may not be the cure for stress, but it’s clear that they can be a pretty effective treatment!

What kinds of memes help you the most?

Tell us about it in the comments.