Some works of art ring true on a deep level for human kind. Music. Cinema. Grand paintings. And most of all, memes. I mean, sure, Beethoven wrote haunting masterpieces, but are they getting shared on Facebook? And yeah, Monet painstakingly created immortal works on the canvas, but is anybody tagging their friends in those? Didn’t think so. Memes win for most resonate form of art, hands down.

So don’t think of this as scrolling through another meme listicle. Think of it as appreciating fine art. You’re welcome.

15. Plans change

Because blanket.

14. Quite alarming

This is why I am my own worst enemy.

13. Too soon

Seriously newborn babies aren’t done.

12. Irony overload

This is just a bridge too far.

11. Piece of cake

You don’t have to egg me on about it.

10. Different strokes

It’s good to have interests.

9. This is fine

It’s really a cruel twist of fate that we can think about thinking about thinking.

8. Rise above it

I aspire to be this petty one day.

7. It’s the final countdown

No news is good news.

6. Wine & dine

Livin’ on the edge.

5. Nature vs nurture

Basically I’m bad at providing water.

4. Bed head

It’s harder than it looks.

3. Can’t be done

“Hey, so sorry for the delay…”

2. Hello Dolly

She wasn’t really asking, Jolene…

1. Credit where credit is due

That oughta do it.

If those memes don’t stir something deep within your soul, you may well question if you even have one.

What meme speaks to you the most?

Enlighten us in the comments.