Memes can seem like they’re a dime a dozen, but when one makes the rounds that’s perfection in a pithy, relevant observation, well…it’s not like we can not share.

So here are the 15 best floating around out there these days. According to me.

15. But I mean…you made the whole thing up, right?

14. As long as someone leaves you fresh water you should be good for a few days.

13. I believe those are trademarked, sir.

12. I’m honestly not sure which is worse.

11. This should pretty much not come as a surprise.

10. We’re not allowed to do anything.

9. Gonna give this a try, because free dessert.

8. There are no words necessary because these are perfect.

7. Let me tell you why you’re wrong, Michael.

6. Potato, Potahto.

5. Earn your keep, feline.

4. Pics so it definitely happened.

3. Cue disdainful looks from your table mates.

2. What if she orchestrated the whole thing?

1. I fail to see the issue here.

If those don’t make you laugh, I don’t know – you might be sick.

What’s your favorite new or under-appreciated meme? Share it with us in the comments!