What do you get for the man who has everything? Or nothing? Or…some of the things? What do you get for a man, basically?

That’s the question this post on r/AskReddit set out to answer.

Men of Reddit, what do you actually want your girlfriend to get you as a gift?
by inAskReddit

Here are just a few general ideas, if you’re looking. Spoilers: they’re not sex.

1. Spoon it up.

I wanna be little spoon ffs

– ItsMeMozzy

2. Simple principle of gifts: just pay attention.

Actual physical gifts? Just anything we might have mentioned that we liked and thought was cool.

The more in passing we mention it, the more attention it shows us we have been paid, which is really what gifts are about after the age of about 10.

– RiddlingTea

3. Help ease the pain.

If I had a girlfriend the only thing I would really want is a neck massage, I have a really stiff neck and nobody I know would bother helping out plus a chiropractor or a massage therapist is too expensive for me especially since I’m still really young

– Ragingbull444

4. Do something together.

An experience

Invite me to hike a mountain, ride an helicopter or camp somewhere. Buy me some materials and let’s try to built something stupid together.

Just surprise me, as long as it’s a gift for both of us

– iXtreMi

5. Can’t go wrong with food and relaxation.

She actually knows me and my likes and dislikes pretty well, and she gives me great gifts that I love… But all I really want is breakfast in bed.

– PulVargas

6. Most guys don’t want s*x gifts.

Rather than say what I want, I think it’s more important to say what I don’t want.

What I don’t want is for my girlfriend to say “are you ready for your gift?” And then start trying to take my pants off or do some other s*x-related act with me. That makes me feel like she views s*x as an obligation or a favor she’s doing for me, rather than a fun activity that we do together. I don’t want to feel like my partner only sleeps with me because it’s expected, rather than because it’s something she wants to do.

If you put thought into your gift, and do something meaningful, then it doesn’t matter what you got him or how much it cost, he’ll love you for it. But please, don’t make a sex act your gift.

– BourbonBaccarat

7. Video games. Just video games.

A PS5, a 2nd controller, and a willingness to spend some of her time with me doing couch co-op… if I get to spend my time with her doing something that makes her happy, it’d be nice if she reciprocated by doing something with me that makes me happy…

– UncleIye

8. If he drinks, he probably wants either scotch of bourbon.

Honestly? I’m a simple man.

Just a kiss and a nice bottle of scotch

– BossManJohnson

9. It’s not usually complicated.

Anything on my Amazon wish list. I try to make it easy.

And if it’s not material. A good meal, back-scratch, and a night of TV shows that I’m into. I’m easy to please, and just appreciate feeling loved.

– DREG_02

10. Experiences mean a lot.

Honestly, even just a day or night out, doing something fun.

Take me to the zoo or the aquarium, let’s go to Dave and Busters or something and play games, let’s play Putt Putt, just do something fun. Just your time is a gift in itself

– Klown1327

11. You don’t have to reach for the stars.

beer and pizza.

pick me up a pack of my favorite beer and my favorite order at pizza hut or papa johns.

I would be so happy.

– EpicBlinkstrike187

12. Does he have a favorite sport?

Soccer jerseys are always a hit for me

– Rens-005

13. Some interests are…more niche.

a danny davito cardboard cutout bruh next question

– calumee

14. Men are all boys at heart.

I mean…I wouldn’t mind the Millennium Falcon lego set.

– Fafurion

15. Just don’t let things get too dangerous.

I would like the biggest crocodile she can find.

– mr_sto0pid

Hope that was helpful if you’re trying to think up gifts for your man. However, there’s an alternative method for finding out. You could ask him.
Seriously he’ll probably just tell you.

What’s YOUR favorite kind of gift to get from an SO?

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