There’s a hairstylist in Germany doing downright magical things with braids right now.

Her name is Milena and she regularly posts her creations to her Instagram account hairstylist.dream, where tens of thousands gather to marvel at them.

They’re incredibly impressive. Here are just a few!

15. Like flowers

How do you even get that intricate?

14. Laced up

Apparently she’s a bit of a night owl.

13. Blue lagoon

“Be a mermaid and make waves.”

12. Woven basket

She does all this WHILE in school. She’s only 17.

11. Holiday cheer

A little subtle celebration of Christmas.

10. Shades of grey

Super diverse.

9. Medieval times

This feels like it would be right at home on an episode of Game of Thrones.

8. The eye

Let the sunshine in.

7. Rainbow bright

Wow, just wow!

6. Honeycomb

“If you can dream it you can do it!”

5. Waves

I can almost hear the ocean crashing.

4. Explosion in red

This feels like it would be amazing for a wedding day.

3. Flower power

Those are some locks of love.

2. In pearls

Top that.

1. From the top

That’s some big energy.

I don’t know how people with this kind of talent even exist, especially at such a young age. When I was 17 I don’t think I had yet figured out how to scramble eggs, I certainly wasn’t out here making beautiful masterpieces of personal style for the ages. Ah, well. Different strokes for different folks, I guess?

What kind of fashion statement would you take on if you thought you could pull it off? What has stopped you so far?

Talk about it in the comments.