Hey! You come here often? Do you like…stuff? I’ll bet we could do the smooches a lot, huh? With your…hawt bod. Are you from Tennessee? Cause you look like you’re…um…from Tennessee.

GUH. I am bad at flirting. I’m awful at the romantic messaging game. At least I know I’m not alone, though. Check out these cringe-worthy examples from around the internet.

15. Boxers on boxers

This is some next level no homo nonsense.


14. The real updog

I think you’re in, friend.

What do you rate my response?
by inTinder

13. Stepping away

This is not going to go well.


12. Gone baby, gone

Is wordplay really the way to anyone’s heart?

She aborted the conversation
byu/naughtyby_nurture inTinder

11. Double burn?

The bravery to tweet this is something I will always admire.


10. Fat chance

If you don’t get it now, you’re never gonna get it.


9. Pet peeve

The signals couldn’t possibly be stronger.

Virginity is my passion
byu/GodOfAtheist inTinder

8. Trauma alert

Sounds like you’re having a pretty steamy convo there.

7. Into oblivion

In her defense man, this is weak.

She‘s oblivious to what I‘m talking about
by inTinder

6. Follow-through

She really commits to the bit.

Yeah, I can’t read ghost.
by inTinder

5. Curt replies

Why does your auto-correct assume that’s what you meant?

byu/midoshichi inTinder

4. Get wrecked

The first joke is bad but it gets better/worse.

Guess he doesn’t wanna make me his princess then?
byu/LasagnePrincess inTinder

3. Intolerable

Your kind will be purged from this earth.

Crow of Judgement
by inTinder

2. Heading you off

This was doomed from the beginning.

She got me there
byu/Dbest1998 inTinder

1. Tinder tautologies

He’s not wrong?


I may not be Mr. Romance over here, but at least I now know I can do slightly better than some. I need to go wash the cringe off of me.

Have you had any misadventures in flirting lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.