There are a lot of people struggling right now with the concept of time and deadlines and calendars. Since March, everything has run together a bit – and that fact really amped up when summer arrived and we no longer had to pretend to go to school/make sure our kids “did school.”

I guess some college kids were still taking summer classes, though, and online to boot – they’re having to figure out how to work their college’s online site, communicate with professors, learn on their own, and probably devise a way to get some kind of privacy while they continue to live at home.

This student, rainbowkarolina on Tumblr, realized after the fact that her assignment – which she had worked hard on and completed – was past due.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

She pointed out on Tumblr that she thought we’d all agreed that the concept of time was dead for the moment, and decided to email her professor to relay the message.

Image Credit: Tumblr

I think we can all agree that her note was professional and fun, but also explained well what she and everyone else is going through with, you know *gestures wildly* everything that’s going on.

His response, however, is pure gold.

Image Credit: Tumblr

In the grand tradition of wonderful college professors everywhere, he replied with suggestions on how she could keep track of due dates in the future, but gave her a pass on this one because she’d entertained him with her message, and also because her work did, in fact, bop as promised.

His comment about having to run that term by his daughter was my favorite.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

This is why “college professor” is still my dream job even though it’s probably never going to happen.

They’re just so cool and funny even when they don’t have to be!

The good ones, anyway.

Here’s hoping they’re all good ones like Phil, students! And good luck!