Did you know that Tumblr was once the subject of a 5 year FBI initiative to study its posts and compile data on the social and political leanings of younger generations?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that, because it’s not true. But it totally sounds like the kind of wacky thing that might be true.

In fact, it sounds like the sort of wacky random thing you’d read on Tumblr.

Here are 15 other wacky Tumblr jumbles for your befuddled enjoyment!

15. Curse words

Thanks for coming in, here’s your 12 mile long receipt.


14. Despicable memes

I prefer the term “trouble buddies.”


13. Soda sucker

This is the artistic licence I didn’t know I needed.


12. The times they are a’changing

Yes this literally happened and people were very upset about it.


11. Deutschland double-check

I mean we’re arguing regularly about whether the Earth is round and temperatures are real, so, I guess we should expect this level of inquiry.


10. Ding!

For me Hell would just be watching their normal videos on loop.


9. Horsin’ around

People name horses like I name Pidgies after collection 200 of them in Pokemon GO.


8. Palace intrigue

This season of Downton Abbey is gonna be lit.


7. Dark fantasies

I’d like to stop thinking about this now, please.


6. Supreme being

*Sigh.* Fine. *Opens delivery app*


5. Out of the caves

You know what they say, 50’s company, 51’s a crowd.


4. Shadow legends

Reject modernity. Embrace tradition.


3. Don’t toy with me

If this is true, why weren’t there a whole bunch of really sad sequels?


2. Saucy replies

Ah yes, I understand neurology now.


1. Shop-keeping up appearances

Little shop of free market horrors!


That’s all the tumbles you get. For now. Come back soon, we’ve got plenty more from the Humans of Tumblr.

Which one was your favorite? Why?

Tell us in the comments.