You might be too young to remember this – I’m barely old enough to. But before widespread internet access became a thing in the late 90’s, there were dating services where you would record yourself on a VHS tape, and those tapes would get spread around to people who could then contact you if they liked what they saw. It feels so unimaginably slow and cumbersome by today’s standards that it seems like a joke, but it was a very real, and very silly thing.

Everything’s a lot more sophisticated now, of course. Now we can flirt and hook up through dating apps that create connections to easy and instantaneous that half the time we just use the opportunity to screw around and get good screenshots. Thank God, too, because we end up with galleries like this one of Tinder conversations that bless our very souls.

15. All in the family

My man, what are you doing?

14. The dark side

Tinder leads to abilities some would consider unnatural.

13. Third time’s the charm

She really backed into it.

12. Hats off

Read my lips.

11. Living arrangements

What a twist!

10. Fumble

The important thing is that you tried.

9. Office romance

Flexing sitcom street cred is probably the weirdest Millennial custom.

8. Let’s be friends

…as I was saying…

7. Swapping

You were doing so well until the end, dude.

6. Same

So tired of talking to all these basic people.

5. Everybody ever

My how the turntables have…

4. Peace out

You need to stop.

3. Ancient ruins

Are you trying to date or destroy?

2. This is fine

See it’s funny because our government is incompetent.

1. The search for updog

Well that was a stretch.

2020 hasn’t exactly been the year for dating, but if you’re still on the apps, we hope you’re at least having fun!

What’s your best Tinder interaction?

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