Cats get all of the glory when it comes to the internet, but let’s face it – dogs aren’t getting dethroned as man’s best friend anytime soon.

And if you want to fight me on that, well, scroll through these 15 tweets and then get back to me.

15. Very good boy wants to chase it!

14. I feel like his wife and I would be friends.

13. Someone lie down with that puppers quick!

12. What a way to start the day.

11. Isn’t it great to be loved?

10. Why WOULD you stop watching that though?

9. You don’t know his backstory, ok?

8. We don’t deserve dogs.

7. I mean are you going to argue with that face?

6. What a very good boy.

5. Feed me, hooman.

4. Why is this so perfect?

3. Tantrums are for everyone.

2. I bet it’s reasonably priced, too.

1. A dog that has a daily Starbucks budget wow.

I have owned cats and dogs and probably will own both again, but I gotta say – dogs are the literal best.

Do you have a preference? A great dog story? We’d love to hear it!