For people who love cats – and animals in general – it’s strange to think that a pet’s markings or colorings could matter all that much when it came to deciding which one to bring home. The truth is, though, that many people still associate black cats with bad luck and witchcraft, and go out of their way to not only leave them in shelters, but to hurt them when they see them around town.

Jenny Jinya – the creative mind behind The Good Boy (don’t read it at work, unless you enjoy sobbing in front of your coworkers) – wanted to bring more attention to the problem.

So she penned this beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking comic about what happens to the black cats of the world all too often.

“Black shelter pets are less likely to be adopted than pets of other colors.

They still face so much hate nowadays and the more I read about this topic, the sadder I get.”

brb crying.

The old lady and the sad kitty face just about have me running to my local shelter today.

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up there – and maybe you should think about doing the same.

If you just can’t with this post, good news – there’s a sequel.