Remember Thor: Ragnarok? Almost feels like lifetimes ago now, but it’s been just a few years since the wild and hilarious addition to the MCU came to us courtesy of director Taika Waititi. It was a smash hit, making back about five times its budget and earning over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Disney has always been smart with the Marvel franchise, and that includes course corrections when needed. The Thor installments up to that point had been just a little too heavy and somber – the colorama Goldblum-blessed feast of Ragnarok turned that around quick, and the internet noticed.

Of course, you can’t talk fandom without talking Tumblr. Here are just a few of the best Tumblr fan takes on the film.

15. Absolutely Shakespearean

Turns out most people who spend all their time yelling about how they should be in charge don’t actually have that much to offer. Who knew.

14. No spoilers

He’ll just be a little thor in the morning.

13. Origin stories

Don’t you judge me.

12. My cosmical romance

He’s downright chipper by comparison.

11. Green with envy

Something’s not right here.

10. Heavy times

I’m on my way there too, bud.

9. Yeet and repeat

Help comes in many forms.

8. Dereliction of duty

Trust fund kids. They’re all the same.

7. One more thing

Yup, that’s it that’s the vibe.

6. Righteous retcon

On that subject of course corrections…

5. Friendly fire

I’d probably be Hulk.

4. Heavenly education

Wait ’till he gets to the part about comic books.

3. Meet the master

That’s my secret cap, I’m always confused.

2. What could have been

You gotta at least shoot this for the Bluray, I mean come on.

1. From the page

Finally, some screenplay excerpts for your enjoyment.

For me, Endgame may hold the crown of best overall MCU movie forever, but this one’s in the top 5 for sure. An absolute blast.

What’s your favorite MCU flick? What’s your least favorite?

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