I have no idea how, and I have no idea why, but apparently there’s a cultural trend in Russia where young married couples create bizarre, poorly photoshopped scenes of themselves to celebrate their weddings.

And I cannot get enough of it. Just look.

15. Flying kick

Getting over those wedding day jitters like…

14. My angel

He’s either welcoming her into his arms or he’s just pushed her and I can’t tell which.

13. A small ceremony

I feel like I’ve stumbled into somebody’s fetish stash.

12. Double pack

I have so many questions that there’s actually no time to ask any of them.

11. Love lifts us up

Ok but um…who’s driving, exactly?

10. Getting around

Words haven’t been invented yet that could do any of this justice.

9. My hero

These Skyrim mods are getting out of control.

8. From every angle

Clearly he didn’t realize he was supposed to pose with his palm parallel to the ground.

7. Pocket protector

Something is weird here but I can’t put my finger on it.

6. Full of hot air

Up 2 looks great.

5. Get a leg up

I don’t understand what’s happening here and I don’t want to.

4. Magic and mischief

If I had three wishes one of them would be to unsee this.

3. Swan song

Eat your heart out, Venice.

2. Ahead of the game

Ah yes, just my wife and I with our normal heads on our real bodies, like always.

1. Play me like a fiddle

When you realize the acid was bad.

Honestly, I’m not here to shame anybody’s culture. I think it’s amazing. I’d take this over the same dumb Insta filter over and over again any day.

What’s the weirdest wedding you’ve ever been to?

Tell us about it in the comments.