Everybody’s lost a job at some point. Almost everyone’s been fired at least once for one reason or another. My only time was a bit strange since I wasn’t technically working there – they brought me on on a trial basis and my first day there was a discrepancy with the cash count that made it appear as though I’d maybe taken $100. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t eager to hear my explanation or to bring me back in. They were also closed down like three months later, so, no big loss I guess.

Here are some more intriguing firing stories from people on Twitter using the hashtag #AndThenIWasFired:

15. Ugly sweater party

Now that’s what I call a fashion statement.

14. It really sticks

As well you should be, Satan.


13. The spirits within

Have a little class, man.

12. Night night

Be careful what you green light.

11. Spacing out

So what I’m reading here is “I was doing a lot of drugs back then.”


10. Office intrigue

Hope it was worth it.


9. Cutting the cheese

Wax on, job off.

8. Picking favorites

Maybe don’t work so much your nanny raises your kid.

7. Calmly and politely

Well I can’t imagine why they’d object to that.

6. Throwing up, throwing out

Good for you, dude.

5. Public profile

Careful what you post.

4. Your dog is sick

Are you literally Mother of Dragons?

3. Eye see you

Seriously, that was enough to do it?

2. License to kill

How dare you not do my job.

1. Time after time

Wait…was this tweet written by the cat?

Jobs come and jobs go. The important thing is to try to find some fulfilling work – and stay away from jerks.

What’s your #AndThenIGotFired story?

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