There are plenty of reasons people get together and at least as many reasons they split up.

But what happens when you find someone who checks lots of boxes in the former category and one big box in the latter?

What’s your “deal breaker?”

What opinion or behaviour would stop you being romantically interested in someone even if they ticked every other box?
byu/EGB1- inAskReddit

Let’s look at some opinions from the folks of Reddit.

1. Right.

The need to always be the right one

– lexxissc

2. Don’t be a litterbug.

Went on a hiking date with someone who littered. There was no second date.

Don’t litter yall! It’s selfish and ruins the trails for everyone else.

– Quiet_talk

3. Everybody lies.

I had an ex who consistently lied and omitted things.

Usually not about anything huge, but she had a habit of it and didn’t seem to think it was wrong.

The longer we dated the worse it got. Eventually it really divided us because I couldn’t trust anything she said.

From then on, if I discovered I was with someone who lied often as a tactic, to get what they want, to avoid consequences, etc. that was pretty much the end of the relationship for me.

– wheresmychin

4. Think it through.

Not being a critical thinker.

I’ve thought of a whole laundry list of things that would be dealbreakers but they all boil down to whether or not he could think critically.

– Whohead12

5. Don’t belittle.

Minimizing my accomplishments.

I knew this woman, and if I said something like, “I got a promotion at work” instead of saying that it was great and that I was great at my job, she’d say something like, “Yeah well didn’t you say Bill has really been helping you out with stuff?”

Or if I said, I finally beat an ironman run of X-Com 2 she’d say, “I wish you’d find a more productive hobby.”

– Ethan-Wakefield

6. So smug.

Unapologetic arrogant ignorance

– TheStickyPlace

7. Wtf dude?

If they don’t even attempt to get along with my friends.

Or watching videos on your phone, volume all the way up at a restaurant, on a double date.

Believe or not I dated a guy that did both, and I cringe thinking back on it

– BigCitySnipes

8. Touch me.

Never holding my hand or not having any nonsexual physical contact

– errorxkat

9. Mansplaining.

My ex boyfriend would always say “oh no, you want to do this not that” every time I talked about doing something one way.

It even crossed over into me researching/buying gear for backpacking or biking etc..

He always seemed to know better than me and I will not ever be able to be with someone again who tells me what to do/what to buy/makes me feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.

– shagcarpet3

10. Throw a fit.

Adult tantrums

– _Mr_Serious

11. Ya big baby.

The one that surprised me – about myself – was a whiny voice.

Person had everything else going for them, but after a few hours I just couldn’t stand the thought of listening to that voice over the long haul.

– komatiite

12. Do it for the gram.

Being obsessed with social media or needing to document everything all the time and project a perfect version of their life.

– neonpeg

13. Invalidating.

Make me feel like my feelings are invalid or that theirs are more valid than mine.

My mom does it and it’s crushing.

– CaffeinatedLiquid

14. YEC.

Not believing dinosaurs are real

– TheGreedofEnvy

15. The beginning of the end.

Actually tonight my gf said “I love everything about you, but watching you eat unpeeled kiwis like they are apples really freaks me out”

– salto571

For me, it’s anyone who doesn’t spend an inordinate amount of time on Reddit.

What’s your big dealbreaker?

Tell us in the comments.