Plenty of plant and animal species have disappeared from existence since we began recording history – some more famously than others (looking at you, dinosaurs). We’re now in the middle of a mass extinction event, which means more and more species are going to fade into the ether for good.

It seems like a good time, then, to remember our favorites, and muse on what life could be like if they made an impossible comeback.

15. It’s basically a dragon so it’s a yes for me.

Yi dinosaur, it’s like a long-tailed bird with bat wings, basically a mini wyvern covered in feathers.

14. We could maybe all get along now (probably not).

Neanderthals, and all other homin species that lived at the same time as us

13. Technically I think we have all the pigeons we need.

Passenger pigeon. They used to block out the sun. Imagine such a sight.

12. The lost foods are always welcome.


And, a about a 100 other herbs, wheats, and foods we’ve lost.

11. The world can always use more penguins.

Giant penguins, Palaeeudyptinae. The world could use some human sized penguins to terrorize

10. It depends on who you ask, I suppose.

The moa. How cool would that be?

9. Tiger death match would be in order.

Saber Tooth Tiger!!!

8. The rhino for sure.

Woolly Rhino and Woolly Mammoth.

7. Yeah, no, imma pass on this one.

Elephant birds.

Just think of emus, but three times the size!

6. He’s making a solid case.

Tasmanian Tiger.

Their extinction was unnecessary, they’re fre*king cool, and bringing them back won’t damage the ecosystem and in fact could possibly improve it.

5. That would be some sight to see.

Irish elk, it is a seven foot deer with a antler span up to 12 feet!

4. A parakeet indigenous to the States. I’ll take one!

Carolina parakeet. Just because.

3. Humans just love giant things idk.

All the Pleistocene megafauna!

So mammoths, ground sloths, the California tapir, glyptodonts, the European lion, the Ice Age spotted hyena, short-faced bears, diprotodons, Merck’s rhinoceros, sloth lemurs, elephant birds, moas, dire wolves, the straight-tusked elephant, sabre-toothed cats, gomphotheres, Sivatherium, steppe bison, terrestrial crocodiles, Megalania, short-faced kangaroos, the marsupial lion, thylacine, various mainland giant tortoises, quagga, Megaloceros, and the list goes on!

2. Is there room for all of them in Loch Ness?

Plesiosaurs. Naturally.

1. I’m not sure getting one to agree to this would be easy. Or likely.

Fucking pterodactyls.

Those things seem awesome.

I’d love to ride one.

What would you choose, and why? Share it with us below!

Just not the dinosaurs, y’all. We’ve seen movies about this, and it just never ends well.

What do you think? What should come back?

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