First dates can be pretty exciting, but they’re also generally a source of stress. We’ve all had nightmare dates, but more than that, we’re very good at playing out worst-case-scenarios in our heads before the thing even starts. This feedback loop of worry can suck all the fun and potential out of the experience, so it’s good to be clear-headed and just take some sensible steps to prepare. What sensible steps, you ask? That’s what Reddit user CircleBox2 took to r/AskReddit to inquire about:

What’s a first date tip that could save you a lot of embarrassment?
byu/CircleBox2 inAskReddit

Here are a few of the better tips that the Reddit community suggested.

1. There’s some crossover with good interviewing tips here.

Ask open ended questions instead of yes/no questions to keep convo going/avoid awkward silence.

– Bum-Sniffer

2. Be mindful of the price.

Make sure that you have enough money to pay for the entire date.

I think that splitting the tab for food/drinks on the first date is pretty normal, but it always helps to be prepared, especially if you are the one who asked the other person out.

– mcgeem5

3. Get the necessities out of the way.

Always use the restroom before you leave.

– njclay21

4. Don’t put too much pressure on it.

A first date is like a pilot of a TV show. It determines whether there is going to be a second date and so on.

All you have to do on the first date is just have fun, get to know each other, if you click, it’s great! If you don’t, so what? It’s a first date.

– [user deleted]

5. Focus on them.

Stop focusing on yourself and how you sound/ look etc and lay 100% focus on them.

– Queen-of-meme

6. You do you.

Just remember that if you’re on a first date, they said yes to being there with you, they want to be there so just be yourself.

– SeeYouOn16

7. Think about your venue choice.

I would recommend to not go for a dinner date or a movie date for the first date. Both are better suited for later dates.

Both of them have issues like who pays for the dinner/tickets and there is no easy escape if the date is not going well.

My go to option is to just go for a coffee/tea in a nice cafe.

Coffee and tea are not that expensive, so it really doesn’t matter who pays and they also provide a good atmosphere to just talk to your date.

Pro tip are interesting cafes like the cat cafes that exist in some cities. It is a regular cafe but with cats.

If the date doesn’t go well, you can still play with some cats.

– TheBassMeister

8. General hygiene is important.

People don’t realize how important this is but TAKE A SHOWER RIGHT BEFORE YOUR DATE!!!

Put on deodorant and (edit: disclaimer: only if your date doesn’t have a sensitive nose) a small amount of cologne/perfume.

You want to smell good if they get up close but not be overpowering.

– PostMaStoned

9. Consent consent consent.

If it’s not “hell yes” then it’s a “no”, mate.

– The_Veteran_Raven

10. Consider a double date.

Honestly, going on a double date for our first date is probably what made me score my fiancé.

I’m such an awkward person but I was comfortable being around the other couple and ultimately made me open up to him.

He didn’t call me for 3 days but I’m finding out that’s because that’s what his roommate told him to do. So standard.

But 2.5 years later and we’re hopefully still getting married

– nicolena-howard

11. Be prepared…

Clean your room/house before you leave.

Even if you don’t think there’s a chance in hell the night will end in sex, planning ahead so that you have a clean place to go for doin’ it after the first date might save you some embarrassment AND solidify a good first impression.

– coleosis1414

12. Keep it clean.


– lovehasnolimits

13. Maybe start early?

Morning (breakfast/coffee) dates are under rated. Its a fantastic way to meet someone, with pretty great food options and easy escape routes.

If the date is going south- its the easiest way to end because you need to go about your day.

Great date? Go ahead and see eachother later that evening for a second date doing something more adventurous than sitting/eating.

You’ll learn alot about a person in 1 day.

– Cynthia_NotCyndi

14. This should go without saying but…

Know your dates name. Just know it. If you don’t, ask them first thing.

I speak from experience, she asked me out and an hour into the date I had to ask her to remind me her name.

Then again, we are still dating several months later, so maybe do forget your dates name.

– davethefish2103

15. And finally…oh…

Don’t get your pre-date advice from Reddit.

– PerryTheFridge

Honestly, some pretty solid advice in there. If you’re heading back into the dating world, maybe jot a couple of these down. Maybe also don’t mention to your date that everything you’re doing is because of Reddit.

What are your dating tips?

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