The value of Twitter isn’t just everyone in the world constantly screaming at each other over every topic imaginable, there’s also funny stuff in there.

And often it’s funny in a way that transcends a simple chuckle. It can also resonate, and make you feel, dare I say it, weirdly empowered?

Not to make too much of it, but some tweets just give ya life. They break up the bad of the day and let you know there’s still something weird and wonderful out there to chase.

These, in my opinion, are some such tweets. Just enjoy ’em, huh?

10. My god!


9. Forbidden pillow

It would never in my life have occured to me to eat one of those packs if they hadn’t put the idea in my head in the first place.

8. Fair warning

You think you know what’s coming next but you do NOT.

7. On my grind

Pack it up, science, you’ve been bested.

6. Emergency measures

I think half the music industry now is just people fighting.

5. Go get ’em

That’s right, Dionne, these are words to live by.

4. The tropes

Now kiiiiiss.

3. Movin on up

At this point they’ll probably let you.

2. Changing times

A new religion has formed.

1. Pretty in pink

Can we build it? I dunno.

There now, don’t you feel more alive? At least a little? I do. This post was mostly for me. You’re welcome.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter right now?

Tell us in the comments, won’t you?