Some people just attract them for some reason…I’m talking about weird people who always come into their lives for one reason or another.

It could be work-related, it might be friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, next-door neighbors, etc.

Some people just have that laser beam attached to them that makes weirdos come into their life.

Folks on AskReddit shared their stories.

1. Run away from this one.

“There was a guy I met online and we talked for a while. As far as I was concerned we were just friends. One day he said he had spent all night drawing something for me and said he hoped I liked it, and he sent a picture of me that he had taken from my Instagram and clearly put through an art filter to make it look like a sketch. It was so obvious.

I tried to gently point it out and he started going into the details of what kinds of pencils he used and all that. I ended up finding the exact filter he used and called him out and he fre*ked out on me saying I was ungrateful and untrustworthy and that I had cheated on my boyfriend at the time by being friends with him, and that even if I was the last girl on earth he wouldn’t be interested in me.

It was truly bizarre.”

2. Where should I start?

“Where to even start?

There’s the girl who F*ked pregnancies a few times a year for the better part of a decade, had an “astral baby” that she and her “medium” boyfriend could communicate with, and then finally got pregnant for real and immediately had the kid taken away from her.

There’s the guy who cancelled his Swedish citizenship to move to the Netherlands to be with a girl he had known for a few months, only for the relationship to end a few months later.

He is now back in Sweden and mooching off of a friend, and refusing to even try to get a job or study something out of fear of being seen as normal. He also can’t quite seem to grasp the concept of basic personal hygiene.

There’s the couple who were convinced they were getting visions of a war in Heaven and that the three of us were meant to write the new Bible.

There’s the girl who idolizes Southern American culture, self-identifies as a redneck, decorates her home with the confederate flag, enjoys dressing up as a cowboy and/or a pirate to work (she’s a bus driver), including once bringing a toy gun.”

3. Did you take it?

“During a trip to Home Depot, Santa Claus offered me a job as a marijuana F*rmer.”

4. Can’t believe you turned him down.

“A guy who sent me nudes of his ex gf and asked me to help him spread the nudes because she cheated on him.

And he asked me to be his new GF… No thank you.”

5. A sad situation.

“I have a fan at work. She is clearly mentally ill, probably schizophrenic. I am always nice to her, my Brother is schizophrenic and I would hope people still treat him like a person.

Then, it started going too far. She would call me at work. Dropped by all the time. Told me that I am her daughter. Forbade me from dating black men? I’m wondering if she’ll come find me once quarantine is over.”

6. At the gas station.

“Whooo boy, lots of weirdos when you work at a gas station.

When I was working at one I had this chronically drunk guy who came in all the time with his shirt buttoned up crooked if it was buttoned at all. His fingers were twisted at weird angles, looked like he punched a lot of things while drunk and never had them set right, they were a mess.

He always slurred about how none of the girls thought he was cute anymore. One day he gave me a cassette tape and said he was dedicating the song “Every Woman in the World” to me. You read that right, it was an Air Supply cassette tape. It was the early 2000’s and I felt like I’d been thrown back to the ’80’s. I told him I could not accept his gift and gave it back.”

7. Here come the weirdos.

“In high school the hardcore weirdos tended to find me. I remember a girl trapping me in a conversation where she told me (quite seriously, I might add) that she had an alternate personality living in her head, and he was Jeff the Killer. She was highly disgusted to find out I didn’t know about creepypasta and didn’t care to.

In college I fell in with a bunch of high-drama folks in my writing classes who called themselves empaths and would occasionally fight amongst themselves and say stuff like ‘I could feel Tanya ripping herself out of my face last night.’

They also talked about projecting themselves into the astral plane and gaining clairvoyance. Worst part was I wanted so badly to be like them that I talked like that for a bit, too.”

8. Total fre*k.

“Girl who left one of those hamster ball things on my doorstep (never told her my address). It was filled with literally hundreds of hand written notes, most of which had generic uplifting quotes, but some were direct quotes from me, from over six months ago.

Meaning from the day I met her, she was writing down and recording things I’d said. For anyone thinking this was actually romantic and sweet, we were in no way romantically involved, we just had a class together. Things got worse from there.”

9. Let’s hear it!

“It’s my time to shine! In my 28 years of living I have attracted:

– The LARPer who exclusively lived off of kraft singles, eggs, white bread, frozen cheese ravioli, and multiple gallons of milk. He also believed he was a demon? If the moon was full we couldn’t have s^x because he may bite me and ravage me to death.

– The Vore Guy. I mentioned once how as a preteen I used to do Harry Potter RP on Livejournal and he took it as invitation to introduce me to his fantasy based vore RP. I cannot unsee some details he wrote.

– The guy who wore vampire fangs to our first and only date. Unprompted, unasked, just a pair of vampire fangs.

– The guy who wore nails poking out of his baseball cap, and a trench coat. His teeth were rotting out/black and he honestly looked like he rolled out of some backwater family in a Rob Zombie movie.”

10. Let’s go down the list…

“Weird people I’ve attracted include:

A woman (now in her 30s) who believed she had people from other universes living in her head. She also claimed to be a reincarnated elf who was married to Gohan. They had a baby together.

She no longer claims to either of these, but now believes she has DID, that Loki (who of course looks like Tom Hiddleston) spies on her in the shower, and that fairies lived in the yard her childhood home.

Her girlfriend who claimed to be aromantic, despite being in a relationship with her. She also had people from other universes living in her head. Both sets of people were dating. (I was friends with these women for eight years.)

A guy who claimed to be a literal galaxy. He went by “Prince 81″ because he was a prince, and also the Messier 81 galaxy.

His boyfriend who claimed to be Loki, a sheepdog, and a Time Lord. When they broke up, in true Tumblr Fashion™, both sides accused people of abuse.

A woman who believed that she had been abducted by aliens as a child.”

11. Won’t be ordering food from there anymore.

“Use to order food from this pizza place in town almost everyday. Had the same delivery guy for months. Was nice to the guy but never said more than pleasantries to him.

One day a woman dropped off the order instead. Told me the delivery guy was her BF. Causally brought up the fact that they thought I was cute and wanted to have a threesome. Might be the weirdest conversation of my life. Never ordered there again.”

12. Sounds like a catch.

“A guy sent me a drink from the opposite side of the bar.

10 minutes later, he got thrown out for pissing on the bar.

I get the good ones.”

13. Cult activity.

“Well we can start with the time I unknowingly was going to help start a cult. There was this guy around town everyone knew that considered himself “enlightened”. If you could get past his ego some of his perspectives were kinda interesting and he talked to trees and I was going through my festival, flow toys, drugs phase.

I got invited over to his house one day and there was a group of like 6 of us maybe and he started taking us through all this sort of ceremonial sh^t like smoking a peace pipe and going through all this explanation about how he chose us specifically and we were going to help him open “portals” around town.

At one point one of his other friends showed up and he made him leave saying his heart wasn’t open enough yet or something. Would love to know what I did to show him I was worthy. Ended with him making us put our hands in a tub of crystals and water and repeat some mantras or something with him.

Was kinda scared to leave while all this was happening honestly and noped out right after.”

14. The one that got away.

“I dated a girl (briefly) who I saw in the newspaper fours years later who was caught in a 20 person drug ring.”

15. Stay away from this one.

“Theres this guy I know that is a to-be serial killer/pedophile. He is 24.

Now, this guy may just be talking a “big game”, but hes just an idiot. I remember him saying something about kill his family cat. Along with that, he has no problem killing small animals, from what I know.

He got hired on as a camp counselor for small children. He tells us through text message that he was talking to this little girl about sacrificial rituals, and how they could sacrifice frogs and other small animals together.

He then started going into detail on how he thinks this little girl has a crush on him, and that he thinks he “enjoys it when they like him”. The wording he used at the time was the biggest red flag to us.

I asked my boss at the time about it, and explained what text messages my wife just recieved. He even told me to take 5 minutes from work right at that moment, and call the camp and tell them about the messages on my wife’s phone.

20 minutes later we get a message saying he was fired and he does not understand why. He also somehow figured out that it was us that told his work about it.

Apparently we ruined the relationship he had with the children. Yep. THAT is what he was worried about.

God, f*ck him.”

As I always like to say, there are a lot of weirdos out there!

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