I mean, obviously I don’t know what sort of day you’re having, but it would have to be pretty cr*ppy to give these 15 people a run for their money.

And bless their hearts… they were willing to share their pain with all of us to make the world feel better.

Bravo… you 15 loser!

15. Lesson learned.

14. At least you noticed.

Received this text yesterday while eating our last nectarine. My husband also hates tomatoes. from Wellthatsucks

13. OMG barf.

Fighting an ant infestation in my kitchen the last couple days. Didn’t think to check my cereal box. Realized the small brown things are ants 6-8 bites in. from Wellthatsucks

12. I bet he leaves them lower case just to mess with people.

11. It’s a show of dominance.

10. I mean sleep deprivation is real, people.

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9. It was still a good decision.

8. An argument against doggie doors.

He dragged the sprinkler in through the f*cking doggy door

7. That’s what you get for trying to grab a picture and not paying the food toll.

Trying to take a picture posing with the birds from instant_regret

6. Wow.

5. Oops. Halloween decoration?

4. That’s unfortunate.

Well sh*t from Wellthatsucks

3. I hope you like pop art.

New neighbours painted their fence yesterday, now our car looks like this. All over. from Wellthatsucks

2. This guy probably has regrets.

Regretting his life choices. from Wellthatsucks

1. Oh man this is a nightmare.

Packages delivered to the wrong address… from Wellthatsucks

See? Count your blessings (because tomorrow it could be you)!