I’m not gonna lie: these people are struggling.

Struggling with the English language, that is….

Let’s take a look at these fails, but let’s also say a little prayer. Because these folks seem like they might need it.

1. Shrimps camping.

THIS IS A REPOST from BoneAppleTea

2. Wow…

My friend and her inventive spelling. She’s a goldmine for this stuff from excgarated

3. A teeth man appointment.

Pararara Pararara TeethMan from ihadastroke

4. You nailed it!

My favourite… triangle food with topping. from ihadastroke

5. Walfools?

Leggo my eggo from wildbeef

6. Have you been to the liquid zoo?

Liquid zoo from wildbeef

7. A good effort.

8. That’s it!

Ah yes, enslaved calcium from wildbeef

9. Well, that’s an unusual name…

10. Yes. That one.

Stringy water vegetable from wildbeef

11. It’s eyelid time.

12. At least he was foreign so he has an excuse.

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. A refreshing water on face session.

Need some of that good old water on face. from ihadastroke

14. Bread?

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. This is unbelievable.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Has this ever happened to you, when you can’t remember what something pretty basic is called?

Tell us all about it in the comments!