I’m not gonna lie: these people are struggling.

Struggling with the English language, that is….

Let’s take a look at these fails, but let’s also say a little prayer. Because these folks seem like they might need it.

1. Shrimps camping.

byu/Altrissa inBoneAppleTea

2. Wow…

My friend and her inventive spelling. She’s a goldmine for this stuff
byu/PresidentWeevil inexcgarated

3. A teeth man appointment.

Pararara Pararara TeethMan
byu/Soros_G inihadastroke

4. You nailed it!

My favourite… triangle food with topping.
byu/ben_games inihadastroke

5. Walfools?

Leggo my eggo
byu/PratyThePotato inwildbeef

6. Have you been to the liquid zoo?

Liquid zoo
byu/pocketcleric inwildbeef

7. A good effort.

8. That’s it!

Ah yes, enslaved calcium
byu/Boom2005 inwildbeef

9. Well, that’s an unusual name…

10. Yes. That one.

Stringy water vegetable
byu/mmmaddox inwildbeef

11. It’s eyelid time.

12. At least he was foreign so he has an excuse.

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. A refreshing water on face session.

Need some of that good old water on face.
byu/The-Wretched-spawn inihadastroke

14. Bread?

Photo Credit: Twitter

15. This is unbelievable.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Has this ever happened to you, when you can’t remember what something pretty basic is called?

Tell us all about it in the comments!