Let’s just say this – good spelling isn’t a hallmark of intelligence. At least, not necessarily.

That said, making mistakes like these 15 really leave me wondering how many books a person has read. Or like…if they have or can read anything at all.

Just sayin’.

15. There are too many jokes I’m frozen.

14. I always look for restaurants that put mold back when it dries up.

13. I wish this were the right word.

12. That sounds like the start of a B horror movie.

11. What’s it stirring, exactly?

10. Don’t put it that way, either.

9. He’s not joking.

8. Two girls one pot.

7. Why does that even make sense?

6. You know what he means!

5. Must have been chilly where you lived before!

4. I wouldn’t advise it unless cannibalism is your thing.

3. Sound it out with me.

2. Just keep going and maybe they’ll forget you were wrong.

1. I don’t think that’s exactly what you mean.

Spelling can be hard, but in this day and age, there’s spellcheck and like, Google so idk. Maybe try a little bit harder next time?

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