There are people who are good at spelling and people who struggle – just like with math, it seems to be a skill that comes naturally to some and not so much to others.

With the advent of spellcheck (and, you know, the fact that most people have Google at their fingertips at all time), spelling errors are less and less common (at least on public signage).

Which is all to say, these 15 people decided they just really, really didn’t care. At all.

15. Decidedly less appetizing than oatmeal, which is honestly pretty hard to do.

14. I can see that.

[Legit] Delicious hand soup
byu/sixthplace inBoneAppleTea

13. Related to peas, not, well…you know.

12. I bet they didn’t sell a whole lotta those.

11. Those are some bold eggs. Plus an ‘e.’*t/status/1073381381491838978

10. Come on you know what they mean!

Image Credit: Tumblr

9. What happens when you’ve only heard a word and not seen it in print.

8. Mmm, a winning combination if I’ve ever seen one.

free hotel breakfast in alabama
byu/born2stab inexcgarated

7. That is…not the same thing at all.

Skin Milk
by inBoneAppleTea

6. This one is honestly pretty darn adorable.

5. An answer to the ranibow sprimkles.

4. I mean just oh my laundry please don’t stop.

3. I definitely was not going to smork out here, officer.

byu/user_81 inexcgarated

2. The person who could spell quit too, sorry.

On a Burger King. Sorry for the what?
byu/Spring4Daffodils inexcgarated

1. They have that nice, swampy flavor to them.

Some of these are super cringe-y, if you ask me!

Are you good at spelling? Does stuff like this get under your skin?

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