Look, I’m not a good cook. I’m a fine cook. And the only reason that I’m fine is that I stay in my lane.

I don’t reach beyond my means. I make stuff that I know I can handle not screwing up. Sandwiches, salads, soup, frozen foods, tacos, mac and cheese, the kind of thing that’s idiot-proof.

But for those who try to fly too close to the sun? Well, Reddit is here to expose them.

15. The Melt

Why, what did you think it was?

I hate my mind.
byu/barman_borman inshittyfoodporn

14. The Last Gingerbread House on the Left

Something horrible has happened in this home.

10 years ago I tried to make my first and last gingerbread house.
byu/takeyya inshittyfoodporn

13. Caramel

How do you make a dessert so bad that Frodo comes along to throw a ring in it.

/u/Skiddle1138 made caramel
by inshittyfoodporn

12. Wine and Cheese

So sleek, so sophisticated.

Wine and cheese
byu/banglikejesus inshittyfoodporn

11. (Hot Dogs)

Presentation really is everything.

Saucisse de Bœuf Enrobée with roma tomato reduction and a lovely mustard seed aïoli, topped with freshly ground corn poussière and fresh scallions
byu/PussyWhistle inshittyfoodporn

10. Fine Blue Dining

Walter White would truly be proud.

ah The finer things in life
byu/spadefoothyla inshittyfoodporn

9. Very Grilled Cheese

I can’t throw stones. Every time I try to grill a cheese it’s either soggy nothing or burnt to a crisp, there is no in-between.

i have now burned 2 grilled cheeses in a row this is so sad
byu/missionarysole inshittyfoodporn

8. Spam Bagel

This looks like when you were a kid and you mashed all the play dough colors together.

Rainbow bagel with spam
byu/spooky_Rosie1227 inshittyfoodporn

7. Little Men

They are in peril.

Chilli sausages with potato skins and cheese
byu/Old-Blighty inshittyfoodporn

6. Simpsons Eggs

You know what would go great with this? A couple of steamed hams.

[deleted by user]
by inshittyfoodporn

5. Mac and Corn Dogs

Ironically, a child would love the taste of this, but probably wouldn’t eat it because it looked too grown up.

I’d like to think I’ve given you all enough time to digest my take on Spaghettios. So here’s my take on macaroni and corn dogs 😎🤌
byu/TicklesWhenITouchIT inshittyfoodporn

4. Definitely Sausage

That’s a space parasite, you can’t fool me.

I swear it’s just a sausage
byu/Stranger1982 inshittyfoodporn

3. Pancake Burgers

I need a minute to catch up.

Pancake burgers with cheese spread and ketchup
byu/toxicdaddy420 inshittyfoodporn

2. Hot dog with Yogurt

But why? Are you looking to get smote?

Microwaved hotdog with yogurt. Yum!
byu/keknacho inshittyfoodporn

1. The “Calzone”

My dude that is a bad ham sandwich.

The “calzone” I was served at work
byu/Svelemoe inshittyfoodporn

Bon appétit!

Have you had any cooking fails lately?

Tell us in the comments.