I’m going to make a controversial statement now and I hope that you’ll stay with me when I do:

I think we should improve society somewhat.

Before you grab your pitchforks or scream in madness, I should add the caveat that I don’t really actually know HOW to improve society, and am thus unlikely to do much of that.

But maybe, as with all things, we can get some ideas from Twitter.

10. More comprehensive home surveys

If my man centipede ain’t gonna be there then I ain’t gonna be there.

9. More pride in general

This is wholesome to the absolute max.

8. Better crisis management

We should have had some people think this through.

7. More historical preservation funding

I believe it was Winston Churchill who said “WAAAAAHHH.”


6. More paleontology appreciation

I wonder whatever happened to that kid.

5. Stress breaks

Ah, the freelance artist’s constant struggle between unfulfilling work that doesn’t cause much stress and fulfilling work that gives you an ulcer.

4. More self-reflection

This is who we all are, on the inside.

3. Robust conversations

It’s important to hear input from everyone.


2. The spread of knowledge

We need someone to take one for the team and snap a picture.

1. Criminal justice reform

“Your honor, I’d HAVE to be crazy to even try this.”

And there you have it. Ten great ways to improve society. Now somebody go do that, I’m very busy.

What would you suggest we do to improve things around here?

Tell us in the comments, and do please be thorough.