I’m terrible at cooking. Like, truly awful. It’s a war crime, the food I try to make.

So obviously I don’t have any room to talk when it comes to the culinary disasters of others. But that’s not going to stop me from pointing and laughing at them all anyway. It’s just not.

Especially not when Reddit makes it so darned easy.

14. Jumbo Nigiri Sushi

I feel slightly ill just looking at this.

Behold! The worlds largest (and shittiest) nigiri sushi. from shittyfoodporn

13. Creamy Potato Salad in a Jug

Dude, I think your milk might have gone bad.

the arrogance of man rears its ugly head once more as we continue to sin against heaven and god from shittyfoodporn

12. Bean Tube Nachos

They’re not-yo’s. They’re also not mine.

"You should put the refried beans in a ziploc bag and pipe them onto the nachos", she said. from shittyfoodporn

11. Hungarian Hospital Food

This is a joke, right?

What you get for breakfast in a Hungarian hospital from shittyfoodporn

10. No Yeast Bread

All of us during the first leg of 2020 were like.

Forgot the yeast.. from shittyfoodporn

9. No-Rise Pizza

It’s like, reverse pizza somehow.

Made pizza but dough didn’t rise and cheese didn’t melt from shittyfoodporn

8. Grilling a Steak

That is unrecognizable as steak.

My boss’s dad’s favorite way to grill a steak. 3 heat diverters and lots of steam. Marinated in Dale’s for 5 days. from shittyfoodporn

7. The Popcorn Sundae

A lot of wonderful things that shouldn’t go together.

I can never go back to normal popcorn again from shittyfoodporn

6. Fish Sandwich

Have you had your break today?

Found Mc Donald’s limited edition fish sandwich near my local supermarket. from shittyfoodporn

5. Pizza Cats

“Free us from our suffering, for we should not be.”

I made cute little cat pizzas to please our toddler. This is after they baked. They look like burn victims. :))) from shittyfoodporn

4. McCaviar

When you wanna be swanky on a budget.

McCaviar from shittyfoodporn

3. Sour Pickle Juice Jello

Quick question – who are you trying to murder?

I made Sour pickle juice jello. Which obviously goes well with a shot of whiskey. from shittyfoodporn

2. Sushi Poutine

I’m feeling queasy, is what I’m feeling.

Sushi poutine, feel the outrage from shittyfoodporn

1. Mashed Potatoes Shrimp Alfredo

Don’t get any ideas, Chef Boyardee.

An order I made where a lady wanted the Shrimp Alfredo with mashed potatoes in place of the noodles from shittyfoodporn

I may not know cooking, but I know what I don’t like. And it’s this. It’s all of this.

Do you have any cooking fails that haunt you to this day?

Tell us all about them in the comments, and don’t spare the burned up details.