In a lot of ways, the internet has made the world a significantly smaller place.

There are the physical ways in which this is true. I can do a full-on video conference with someone an entire ocean away thanks to signals zipping through fiberoptic cables at literal light speed, for instance. But there are also psychological ways in which this is true.

Because when you scroll through the internet, looking at the casual thoughts of strangers, you quickly see how similar they are to your own – even the small stuff. Maybe especially the small stuff.

The stuff that’s just oddly beyond relatable. Like this.

15. Would you look at the time

No seriously, would you?

14. Shower power

How dare anyone else in this home have thoughts or needs.

13. Trust but verify

I don’t need everyone to trust them, I just need us all to finally learn how to USE THEM.

12. Click clack

We must test the pinch.

11. Request processing

Gotta give that ol’ grey matter a moment to catch up.

10. A no win situation

What exactly do you think you’re doing?

9. Three minutes in heaven

I try to do this but spend all that time worrying about how little time I have instead.

8. It’s a bop

“Then I saw her face / now I’mma beleaguered…”

7. The price you pay

And I’d have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that meddling me.

6. Hide it

As though your name isn’t on it.

5. Boxed in

Then it comes time to move and there’s not a single box in your entire house.

4. Brush it off

Yes and we all definitely go to the dentist regularly and never put it off…right?

3. Good vibes only

You’d better be enjoying yourselves or I will turn this car around.

2. Realistic email

I was feeling slightly anxious at the time and decided to neglect all of reality as a result.

1. Highway hypnosis

When you’ve done something so much you don’t even need your brain.

It’s a small world after all.

Which one do you feel the hardest?

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