When I was a kid, I never cared too much about superheroes. Sure, I thought, it would be cool to fly like Superman or swing from buildings like Spiderman or…be rich and buy a lot of stuff like Batman, but none of that tickled my imagination enough to turn into full-on fantasies in my mind. What did intrigue me were people I would see (mostly characters on TV) who seemed to have a perfect response to everything. Always a zinger, always an incredible comeback. THAT was the superpower I wanted to have.

Cut to full-blown adulthood and sadly I have not yet fallen into a vat of radioactive clapbacks. Yet. But I still admire when people come up with those oh-so-perfect responses, and a great place to find a huge collection of them is on the subreddit r/clevercomebacks. Here are 15 examples of the wonderful things you can find there.

15. If at first you don’t succeed…

Can we do away with this “no” means “try harder” narrative, please? It’s seriously toxic for everybody involved.

14. Sucks to suck

This is the tagline for a roomba horror film and I’m here for it.

13. New math

Don’t try to out-nerd a nerd.

12. Ask a stupid question…

…get a stupid answer.

11. Love is blind

Gonna need to call the fire department for this burn.

10. That’s deep, man

If Fight Club was a bathroom stall.

9. Ouch

Heh…good thing we’ve…fixed that, huh? *sigh*

8. Alien vs. pre-dater

Sadly a lot of people genuinely think this way.

Via: Viv_J04

7. Red-handed

Answer if you’re not chicken.

6. Poetry in motion

Hey, I’d take 3 at this point.

5. Super spicy

Wendy’s didn’t come to play.

4. Matter of fact

It’s all fun and semantic games until somebody gets tased.

3. Soaking what

I genuinely don’t understand some peoples’ idea of masculinity.


2. Time flies

She’s right, you know.


1. Destroyed

Get your robots in line, Google.

I may never reach the heights of these kinds of responses, but a man can dream. Or maybe I’ve still got time to become Batman rich instead.

What’s the greatest clapback you’ve ever witnessed?

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