There are so many thing we learn in his life that we wish we would have known sooner.

But instead of wallowing in that, it’s helpful to just collect those thoughts. Consider them. Pass them on.

That’s what happened in a thread started by Twitter user @GayatriiM:

Here are fifteen pieces of resulting life advice from women, for women.

15. “Make choices which make you happy”

Damned if you do, do it anyway.

14. “Say no”

You are not responsible for everything.

13. “IDGAF”

Not a word, but I get what you mean.

12. “Your life is your own”

You can help people, but you can’t live for someone else.

11. “There may never be a later”

Postponed may well mean cancelled.

10. “Never too late”

Don’t forget about you.

9. “Don’t take everything to heart”

Some things need to be let go.

8. “You don’t have to reply to every message”

There’s just too much noise sometimes.

7. “Be kind and gentle”

You’re the only you you’ve got.

6. “Life is too short”

There are billions of people in this world, you’re not gonna win ’em all.

5. “Life goes on”

Nothing lasts forever.

4. “Put yourself first”

Some things you want to realize before they’re too late.

3. “Detachment”

Don’t get weighed down.

2. “Not to give in”

You’re a person, not a host.

1. “Setting boundaries”

Don’t let everybody just stomp around as they please.

Pretty incredible stuff, and with one common theme – be good to yourself, not just those around you. You count too.

What piece of advice would you like to give?

Leave it in the comments below.