You ever feel so messed up emotionally that you almost go full circle and get giddy about it? It’s a hard feeling to describe. The Germans probably have a word for it. But since I don’t speak German, I have to stick with trying to express it through memes.

Here are ten strangely giddy memes about our mental bads and big ol’ sads.

10. Spooky scary serotonins

Clickity clack, your sadness is back.

9. Hypothesis confirmed

This is the moment we involuntarily trained for, boys.

8. It was self defense

I will defend myself from me if it’s the last thing I do.

7. A worthy opponent

Scarier than the Joker any day.

6. That’s unfortunate

Panda Express hitting me with the low-key burns today.

5. Laugh ’till you cry

Wanna know how to turn a defense mechanism into a career?

4. The last straw

My implosion will be glorious.

3. Butter not

Turns out there’s always a lower step!

2. Horror stories

I’d literally rather live out a Saw movie, thank you very much.

1. What’s on the menu?

It all gets ya to the same place, man.

All joking aside, if you’re truly struggling, reach out. Your friends and family are there to listen, and it turns out there are whole professions of people trained to guide your through these things. You’re not alone.

What’s your best strategy for keeping the bad days away?

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