Have you taken your meme break yet today?

If not, now is definitely the time. In fact there’s never been a better moment to look at a bunch of memes, because all moments are equally perfect for such an activity.

Kick up your feet and enjoy these ten random memes before heading back into the rest of your weird day.

10. Time management

Probably more accurate to say there’s not enough time to sleep, do school work, AND do anything remotely enjoyable.

9. Welp

I was not expecting that.

8. Remixed feelings

See also: when the song is a bop but you know for a fact the artist is a monster.

7. Property lines

Looks like it’s time to defend my land yet again.

6. What a tosser

Gimli just can’t get no respect.

5. Sonic booms

Suddenly this Oreo shake doesn’t taste as sweet.

4. Finger lickin’ good

You gotta get a real taste for reading.

3. Going bananas

Look at me. I am the produce now.

2. The classics

You’re never too old.

1. Self-fulfilling prophesies

Might as well say my name over and over until it doesn’t make sense just for good measure.

Sorry you have to go back to your day now. If you want you can click around and look at some of the other memes and stuff we’ve got. We won’t tattle on you for taking the extra breaks, promise.

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