We’ve got the need; the need for memes. Luckily, the internet is lousy with ’em. You can hardly take a stroll down the digital block without tripping on a few dozen dank doozies, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that. It’s raining memes, hallelujah! No rhyme, no reason, no sense, just laughs.

Here are 15 of the finest, most random memes from around the interwebs to enrich your day and your life.

15. Fabulous

The most accurate thing about this is the part where I’m a rat.

14. Summer fun

These are also my fall, winter, and spring plans.

13. Petty as she goes

I’m too unblessed to not be stressed.

12. Times change

Vegetables don’t get much better to me, regardless of age.

11. Social graces

This should be considered a war crime. There need to be international courts holding trials for this kind of thing.

10. Amen

That’s some serious apostolic shade.

9. The bebee is hongry

Gotta love a truly considerate host.

8. Tree-mendous

What’s worse, you have to pretend they did a good job.

7. The future is now

I have several questions and want none of them answered.

6. Mona Lisa Style

Da Vinci? *takes a drag off cigarette* I haven’t heard that name in a long time.

5. Tiger king?

You do you, man.

4. Kid in play

You can’t convince me this is an accident.

3. Long story short

God protect Danny DeVito.

2. Trashed panda

“Whee! I’m flying!”

1. Think inside the bun

Hey, he got ’em a Super Bowl win, didn’t he?

As Neil deGrasse Tyson might have said, “There are more memes on the internet than there are stars in the sky.” For all the other chaos going on in the world, at least we know we have that to be grateful for.

Where do you go to get the best memes?

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