I’m recently single, which is always a bummer of a thing to say out loud (or in this case, to type), so it was kind of encouraging to come across an Ask Reddit page with this prompt:

“What is a reason you are glad to be single?”

Why should I not be down in the dumps?

Let’s find out!

1. All-around good.

All of them. I am single for the last 10 years +-.

All my money is mine. All my time is mine. All my attention goes where I want it to go (minus distractions, hi Reddit).

In my view the planet is over-populated, so there is no serious thought of reproduction.

I just try to get fulfillment in life.

– Nope_Nope_Nope_0

2.  Whatever I want!

I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without checking in with anyone.

Also no woman should have to be subjected to my toxic family

– yeetgodmcnechass

3. Chill.

Christmas is coming and I have no stress and it’s not expensive

– YourWifeNdKids

4. A pain to pleasure.

I’m naturally very empathetic and a people pleaser. It’s a part of my brain that goes into hyperdrive when I’m with someone I like.

It’s not even conscious most of the time, but it can be exhausting. It’s nice that my brain can turn that part off when I’m alone.

Also I can wake up and go to sleep at any time I want without messing up my SO’s sleeping patterns.

And middle of the bed! And not needing to check in with his plans.

– Strikhedonia_

5. No guilt.

I can do whatever I want and not feel guilty about spending time with no one

– Dawulf187falke

6. Free for all.

F*cking freedom I love the single life

– geyehehrhrhegsgwwgw

7. I’m enough.

Learned to love myself without needing anyone else’s words of affirmation after being single for the first time in a few years.

– FinalTourist

8. Out the other end.

As someone who got out of a 3 year long relationship about 4 months ago I would say one of the biggest thing I’m glad about being single is being able to see myself clearly again, you don’t realise how much being in a relationship can blind you to how you’ve changed, or how love can numb you to certain things, when I got out of that relationship and once the ential crying and being depressed phase ended I slowly realized how much happier I was and how much I’ve changed, some of it good and some bad, but it was like being able to see myself through a clear lens and not through a distorted one

– mercury111111111

9. A bad engagement.

I was engaged but broke it off in July after putting up with a lot of disrespect from him and his family.

I had quite a bit of money saved aside for our wedding but now I can spend it on things I’ve wanted for a very long time.

I am finally taking care of myself and learning more about who I am as an individual instead of being someone’s fiancé.

– celestialnight994

10. A clean break.

My apartment is clean and neat and most importantly, 95% empty

– TheCrimsonChariot

11. What a drag.

No longer feel like I’m dragging a dead body behind me through life.

– coffeeruns

12. Safe from hurt.

No one can cheat on/ abuse me.

– AnonymousNeverKnown

13. Too much to take.

I don’t want to take into account someone else’s wants and needs when making life decisions.

I just graduated from college during Covid and I’m so lost so I don’t want to have a partner until I’m less lost.

– maraca101

14. Self-reflection.

I learned who I am after I decided to stop dating. It’s been 4 years being single, and I really love who I’ve become.

I was able to establish myself, my goals, and who I want to be.

– kylo_drew

15. Fulfillment.

Not having to deal with partners leaving you completely unfulfilled and always putting their bullsh*t above you.

Not having to argue to exist in the ways you do because their insecurities and lack of self worth smother your joy.

– f*ckwhatyahurd

I guess it’s not all bad?

Are you single? How do you feel about it?

Tell us in the comments.