“Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery
Breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that
Can’t you read the sign?”

That’s a song you’ve probably heard by The Five Man Electrical Band. I had to google that because I had no idea who actually created that tune and now that I know, I still don’t know.

In any case, turns out they were prophetic, because there are signs EVERYWHERE. They’re all over the place. And some of them are like, hilarious. Just look at these, via Reddit.

15. Dance therapy

I would follow this man anywhere and back. He even accepts bitcoin!

Sign Me Up from funnysigns

14. Absolute trash

Gotta love a workplace that is honest with you.

Saw this at the bank today. Pretty accurate from funnysigns

13. A sign of the times

Better run, the cops are coming now.

It’s a private sign from funnysigns

12. The hour approaches

So you’ve just got like, what, a daily mini-purge going on?

Well, ok… from funnysigns

11. Non-smoking area

Sorry, you’re welcome.

I don’t know if this has been posted here from funnysigns

10. Getting warmer

Be as selfish as you want, just know there are gonna be consequences.

Modern problems requires modern solutions from funnysigns

9. Once the food is give it to you

I feel like this is an early Foo Fighters song or something.

You’ve been warned from funnysigns

8. Pro tip

Way too many of y’all only started doing this recently.

Finally Acknowledging The Obvious! from funnysigns

7. Crying is not an emergency

Says you, you don’t know what I’ve been through.

Just preparing our youth for adulthood. from funnysigns

6. Year in review

You know that this sign, ironically, got them bad reviews.

Restaurant Dramaaa from funnysigns

5. Milkshake boundaries

And they’re like, it’s better than yours.

My milkshake brought all the boys to the yard… before covid. from funnysigns

4. Donut do it

They’re very skittish creatures.

Don’t tap the glass! from funnysigns

3. Stay away

Hahaha “when,” that’s hilarious.

Just to be clear from funnysigns

2. Spread the love

It’s just a new way of looking at things, you know.

That’s one way to get your point across from funnysigns

1. Signs of miserable joy

The misanthrope lives on.

Not all hero wear capes. Some create signs of miserable joy. from funnysigns

I think the fact that you’ve scrolled to the bottom is a sign that we’re done now.

Which sign is your favorite?

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