Trends come and go, but the ones we encounter in our formative years are the ones that stick with us forever, for better or for worse. If you were coming up in the 2010’s and got into the Tumblr/Instagram scene, you might have fallen into one particular group of girls that’s hard to name but instantly recognizable.

Let us demonstrate what we mean. You know you’re in this group if…

15. You had this owl necklace

Where did it come from? Why was it everywhere? No one knows.

14. You shared inspirational quotes on pictures of nature

How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?

13. You had (or posed with) a very old camera

And took a picture of it with a very new camera that actually worked.

12. You shared lots of flower pics

Hey, you gotta stop and smell ’em once in a while.

11. You broke lots of car safety laws

Get them gams for the grams.

10. You had or desperately wanted an old typewriter

Surely THAT’S the only thing standing between me and writing that novel…

9. You made all your stuff pink

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

8. Coffee was never just coffee

When you get so caffeinated you start seeing stars.

7. You had very intricate nails

Which were chipped almost immediately.

6. Your Harry Potter house sort of defined you

Hey, it makes more sense than astrology.

5. You pulled off this look

Or tried your damndest.

4. You showed the world your Starbucks

It’s a compulsion. You just gotta.

3. You had at least one hand holding pic

Bonus points for the “follow me” pose.

2. You photographed your stuff like you were Wes Anderson

Life is a beautiful diorama.

1. You got into moustaches

Was it high art? Was it a big joke? There’s no way to know.

Ah, memories. So very recent and yet worlds away. I wouldn’t mind the return of most of these trends, though I’m fairly happy we all stopped taking pictures of every cup of coffee we ever drank. What was up with that?

What will be your fondest 2010’s memory?

Tell us in the comments.