Everyone has had an absolute nightmare roommate. If you can’t think of one right now, I got bad news, that means that you were the nightmare roommate. But that’s OK, live and learn. Maybe take a few notes from these awful tales of what NOT to do when you’re sharing a living space with someone.

Here are 15 stories about the worst and weirdest roommate experiences people have ever had.

15. I need protection

Incredibly inconsiderate or trying to send some bizarre message?

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14. Retribution

Wait – are these first two stories connected??

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13. Self-service

This is why college dorm rooms are cruel and inhumane.

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12. Neighborly hospitality

This is the worst porno synopsis I’ve ever heard.

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11. Laundering cash

Well, I mean, as long as it’s for a good cause like that.

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10. Obsession

The creepiest form of flattery.

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9. Totally pooped

At least it hasn’t literally hit the fan?

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8. Cuddle puddle

This is why mom said don’t talk to strangers.

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7. Nap crap

What a weirdly mean thing to do.

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6. Adorable outrage

This had to have been vengeance for something, right?

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5. Shoe, don’t bother me

It’s time to move out.

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4. Division of labor

That’s not even remotely how this works.

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3. Shower power

Why do people not like showers? They’re the BEST!

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2. Law and Order: Celebrity Edition

The weirdest thing about this is the implied specific schedule.

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1. Sweet dreams

I had a roommate do this to me in college. To be fair, there were way too many of us and we had no dishwasher.

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If you’re in a situation like this, bless you. Keep up your strength, and get out of there as soon as ya can. We’re all rooting for you.

What’s the worst roommate experience you’ve ever had?

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