Ah, customer service. Two words that will put any Karen into battle mode and send shivers down the spine of anyone who’s ever worked retail in their lives. Sure, some if not most customers are fine and pleasant enough, but the ones who seem determined to make a stink outweigh the normies any day.

Check out these 10 true stories from retail workers about the dumbest things people have tried to return.

10. Empty promises

The rolling stone catches no returns.

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9. Grosser grocer

“Oh you won’t take my garlic, huh? Sounds like something a VAMPIRE would say!”

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8. Sick burn

People know when you smoke, lady.

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7. Shrinkage

This is why you always buy pants that are slightly bigger than what you need.

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6. Power play

He came, he saw, he cancelled.

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5. What’s the difference?

I’m sort of on the customer’s side with this one, actually.

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4. Even odds

Basic math is tough sometimes.

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3. What a bargain!

“For sale. Lightly used for two cycles around the sun.”

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2. Receipt retreat

How do you become an adult and understand so little about how the world works?

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1. Spud dud

This is either horrifically dumb or one of the best prank calls I’ve ever heard of.

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Reading through all of those does not make me envious of the people working customer service in retail right now. Not that I’ve ever been. It’s a tough, thankless job. So next time you interact with someone in that department, be kind. Show some patience. Don’t be like these people.

What’s your worst customer experience of all time?

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