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Sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique (by some), and if you’ve ever been a new parent experiencing chronic deprivation or someone with an illness causing acute or chronic sleeplessness, you probably already know that it’s no joke.

If it’s never happened to you, though, the intensity of these 15 hallucinations should definitely convince you to be eternally grateful for that fact.

15. As long as you don’t start to feed it.

14. When even keeping your eyes open doesn’t help.

13. You kind of ARE going crazy.

12. Like deja vu you just can’t shake.

11. When you have no idea what day it is. Or was.

10. Ever thought about what your donut delivery might be costing someone?

9. Try unpacking that in therapy.

8. When you start to hear (the wrong) colors.

7. It’s always the cats.

6. A horror story, for real.

5. Why a construction worker? Brains are weird.

4. This is your brain on drugs…and no sleep.

3. Do not recommend.

2. Creepy as hell.

1. Time to pull over.

I’ve been tired, even sleep-deprived, but never like this. Thank goodness.

Do you have any horror stories that resulted from too little sleep?

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