There are a lot of moments where we find ourselves going “Welp. That wasn’t for my eyes,” and then trying desperately to figure out what to do next.

A massive collection of such moments came about when Reddit user BK_2_times started this thread:

What’s something you saw that you weren’t definitely supposed to see?
byu/BK_2_times inAskReddit

General content warning: there’s some pretty upsetting stuff in some of these answers.

1. Looking it up.

My dad gave me his phone to order something because mine was out of battery and on google

The first tab I see is “how to tell your child a loved one is dying”. my mum has been ill for years now and I’ve been in denial about it getting any worse but this finally broke me

– punctuwashion

2. Not for me.

I have the same first name as the CFO of my former employer.

The CEO was not very technically savvy, and emailed me confidential company documents more than once.

– Inevitable_Professor

3. Whoops.

When I was young, maybe 6-8 I was at my grandparents house.

I was talking with my grandma and said “I wonder if there is a website named after me”.

She was just as curious as me so we go to look it up.

I type in my name then .com and to both of our horrors it was a porn website.

– pomagratitay

4. Family business.

When I was around 10 years old my mom and I went to visit an aunt and uncle as my uncle, my moms brother, had just had a major surgery.

During the visit my aunt and my mom cooked a big dinner and my aunt tells me to go call for my cousin to eat dinner. I go to his room and open the door to be greeted by the sight of guns lining the bed, and I vividly remember seeing, bricks of what I later learned were cocaine, and big burlap sacks of weed.

I blurted out “YOURMOMSAIDCOMEEAT” and immediately slammed the door shut. It was no secret to anyone in our family the type of business that our cousins were in.

He came out of his room a few minutes later and scolded me for not knocking.

I was scared sh*tless but the young kid brain in me was also extremely fascinated to see that they were real life “drug lords”

– Muthafuxajones

5. Call the police.

Saw my upstairs neighbor and another man push a crying girl through a door.

I knew they were involved in drug-related business so I felt it necessary to call the police despite suspecting that I was being a busybody.

I’d asked for my name to be kept out of the case so I wasn’t told the specifics, but my neighbor was gone for good so he was definitely up to no good.

– Fisherman_Gabe

6. Addiction is a monster.

When I was 8 I saw my mom have a seizure due to being physically addicted to alcohol and her trying to quit .

It was a very violent seizure and I went into shock . In the terms of traumatic childhood events I probably was not supposed to see that but I have quite a few

– Kloc34

7. Nothing to see here…

I went to pay a ticket I got while driving with my headlights turned off.

I walked into the courthouse office I was supposed to be in and looked through the glass to see the elected male sheriff giving the female magistrate a back and shoulder rub. They both went white when I knocked on the glass.

The sheriff immediately stopped and walked to another room. The magistrate gave me the weirdest look and said “I guess Christmas came early for you” STAMP and gave me the receipt of the voided ticket. Sometimes it pays to see something you’re not supposed to see.

– pleasedontmak3m3

8. Bad tunes.

One time I went to a concert at a dive venue that was tucked away in some back alleys.

Was having a dart with a buddy out front during the show and amidst the surrounding abandoned housing, I saw two dudes make an exchange of what looked very much to be a bag of guns and a bag of money. The bigger dude instigating the handoff immediately noticed and made eye contact with me. He slowly started reaching towards his waist.

I held my cool and casually looked back towards my buddy who was drunkenly ruining a joke and followed him back inside. I know what I saw. The man knew I saw him. I didn’t look back.

– Krindsley

9. Slow your scroll…

My mom’s old friend came over. She is a little crazy but sweet, too. She said I looked JUST like her daughter, and then spent about 10 minutes scrolling through her camera roll with me to find a picture of her. In the process I saw like 2-3 d*ck pics. She was a bit embarrassed but just said “I’m sure you’ve seen a penis before… sorry.” I assured her it was fine.

Honestly by the looks of the d*ck I was more concerned for her.

– AnonymousDifficulty

10. Business as usual.

I was definitely not supposed to see my former boss banging the woman from the housekeeping agency.

I was also not due the 35% raise that came my way the following month but hey.

– indiblue825

11. Pinball wizards.

One time, right after turning 21 my dad takes me to one of his friends new bar, and we’re drinking having fun.

I realize at one point I lost my dad so I go looking for him, and I find him in the back room.

He’s with one of my friends that works in the kitchen at the restaurant we all work at together and my dad is instantly “get out of here, don’t look! Just go”.

It took me a couple years to realize they were doing lines off the pinball machine.

– Thunder_dancer83

12. Can’t put my finger on it.

When I was a kid I was playing with my dads phone and stumbled upon a video of him and his coworkers fingering the receptionist.

– Ghris-Lee

13. WAAAY too much.

Album and a shoebox full of Polaroid sex shots of my grandmother, VHS tapes of my grandparents having group sex with other people, their bestiality fetish tapes, their Nazi paraphernalia. Found it all while clearing out my grandfather’s trailer after he died.

Also found jars full of p*ss, but I don’t think he cared whether I saw those or not.

– 7456HHggtre77253

14. A flash of inspiration.

I teach high school. While I was taking attendance at the beginning of a Zoom class a few months ago, one of the girls in the class was clearly video chatting with her boyfriend on the side, because she lifted up her shirt for him and flashed the whole class.

That made for an awkward communication to her parents.

– Ghsdkgb

15. Irony.

My exes reddit where he was asking for relationship advice.

– yeeeeteeeereee

Ok, that’s enough for me, I need to go wash my brain out and slowly lower my eyebrows off my forehead.

What’s something you saw that you weren’t supposed to?

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