Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what makes our eyes change the way we behold someone?

That’s what Reddit user Antoinewhite wanted to get to the bottom of in their post:

What turns an attractive person ugly?
byu/Antoinewhite inAskReddit

Let’s find out what the folks of r/AskReddit say turns hotties into notties.

1. P-U.

their smell

– WaterSpell

2. Give a little.


– OutsideRich

3. Not so common.

lack of common sense and humanity.

– jhinleon

4. Hotty or haughty?

Arrogance is definitely a huge turn off.

– sea8cloud8

5. It’s very revealing.

Being an *sshole to waiters, janitors, and the like.

Or just being an *sshole and having a sh*t attitude about everything.

– CitizenHuman

6. Like and subscribe.

Social media obsession

– NuclearWinterGames

7. Manipulation.

Twisting a situation that they caused, so it’s more favorable for them.

– gliitch0xFF

8. Anybody home?

Personality of a wet mop

– alleycatt_101

9. “One of the boys.”

When I was 15, my cousins best friend was the cutest boy I had ever met… Until I got to know him. He was cocky and talked down to any girl that he didn’t deem beautiful enough to put his charm on. He was never really mean to me because I was “one of the boys” but that just let me see what he was truly like towards girls in general.

He quickly became the ugliest person I knew. In turn, one of the “funny looking” kids in my class quickly became my crush because he was just so nice!

His inner beauty outshined his big ears and crooked nose before the first week of school was over.

So yeah, personality is a game changer

– saymynamebastien

10. Learn something.

Ignorance. I hate people that don’t know anything and choose to not learn anything new.

People who think they’re better than others, who choose to not learn about cultures or people’s identities, it just makes me mad.

I can see no beauty in a closed off brain.

– JustAPlane22

11. Shut it.

Chewing with their mouth open

– BigIreland

12. Stuck in the old.

Not being willing to try new things. Went on one date with a guy who listed the 4 or 5 foods he eats then got mad that the Italian restaurant didn’t have any of them (I forget what they were but they were child foods like chicken fingers or something).

He then yelled at the waiter that he only eats “real american food”. Strike 2, treating people like sh*t. Strike 3, perception of American exceptionalism. I chugged my wine, paid, and left. 5 minute date.

While I was chugging, he asked if I could pop his back pimples. I almost puked on the table

– AhFFSImTooOldForThis

13. You’re not all that.

Really don’t want to sound like a douche, but for me it’s someone that are snobby, dumb or indecisive.

I don’t mean uneducated, I mean dumb.

Plain dumb.

– CupidXII

14. Calm down.

treating you like you’re lucky to be with them

– Brother_Bishop

15. Got anything else?

When being attractive is their only personality trait

– Black__Mesa

I’d say that’s a pretty good starter list, but it could be a lot longer.

What would you add?

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