We all have those moments in our lives that we’ll never forget, no matter how hard we try…

What is the most fucked up thing you did that still haunts you to this day?
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But we’re not alone. Check out some of the least treasured memories of the people of Reddit.

[Warning – some of these are fairly disturbing. Others involve a lot of poop.]

1. “Collecting money.”

I don’t know about “haunts” but it makes me cringe.

In public school we had this thing in our school called ‘Jumpstart for Kids’ where you’d go around, often door to door, collecting money for this charity once a year.

Anyway I was 12 and I liked a boy in highschool and he convinced me to take the envelope and go door to door and collect money… to give to him so he could buy a drum set.

I walked around collecting from all these sweet people who told me I was so nice for collecting money for underprivileged kids.

Fortunately I got caught and my parents made me donate it instead.

So embarrassing.

– heather-rch

2. “Out of quarters.”

Provincial Park, pay shower, 12 years old, line-up to get in.

Towards the end of my turn in the shower, get the urge to poop. Cannot hold it. Using a sock to smoosh the last of it down the drain, water turns off. Out of quarters. Put a towel over my head, run out of there past the line-up.

Get back to the camp site, immediately change clothes, shoes, hairstyle, put on a ball cap.

Work up the courage to go by the area later on, it is all cordoned off.

Hear people angrily discussing how someone took a dump in the shower.

– eskerhobolo

3. “There it sat.”

When I was a child I was staying at a relative’s house in a foreign to me country.

I woke up in the middle of the night really needing to poop.

The toilet was in the basement and the house was dark. I had no idea where the light switches were so I found a plastic bag, pooped in it. I panicked and ended up going onto the balcony to clear my head.

The only thing I could think of was to throw it as hard as I could. It ended up landing on the neighbor’s metal roof. There it sat for the duration of my trip.

Still haunts me 20 years later.

– darermave

4. “He’d been hurt pretty bad.”

We had a camper in this large campground at a lake when I was growing up. Tons of families with kids riding bicycles and golf carts up and down the gravel roads through the property.

There was this one kid that was a few years older than me (I was 10, he was probably 12 or so) who’s dad was the security guard and they lived on site and he was the biggest punk in the park. He’d try and wrestle you in the pool, throw rocks at you as you were fishing, ride off on your bike if you left it laying around, bully and hit smaller kids, even girls.

I was driving the golf cart down a pretty steep, gravel hill one day when I came up on him on his bike, going the same way as me. He never turned around to acknowledge I was there so I got up just to the side of him and turned HARD right into him. We were both going probably 10-15 miles an hour down this hill. He took a nasty spill and rolled off the side of the road and wasn’t moving. I kept on going, acting like nothing happened. We were completely isolated so no one saw me.

I remember him getting taken away in an ambulance and hearing that he’d been hurt pretty bad. I immediately felt remorse for what I’d done but never said a word to anyone. He or anyone else never had any idea I did it either. I look back now and think about how much of a financial strain I put on that family, seeing as how they were already living in a camper.

That was a really REALLY evil thing I did and it still crosses my mind quite often

– harp9r

5. “The carnival horses.”

I didn’t know it was f*cked up at the time because I was maybe 5, but I somehow still remember it.

So you know the carnival horses you can sit on outside of grocery stores (back in the 90’s). Well I wanted to ride one and this sweet old woman tried to help me get on, slipped, and really really hurt herself falling into the ride. I just remember hearing her scream and I got scared and ran away.

I’m 31 years old and think about that day at least once a week.

– packhawk2689

6. “Just looked at me scared and confused.”

Bored in the house one day alone when I was about 10, so decided to give my dog a shower, I genuinely loved my dog, he was my best friend growing up, but for some unknown reason I decided to turn the shower onto hot water only (extremely hot) and started showering him. There was a delay I guess in him reacting because his fur was so thick, which meant I kept it on him for a few seconds.

suddenly He started yelping like dogs do when in pain, his instincts were to not be aggressive or try to escape but just looked at me scared and confused.

I panicked smashed on the cold and cooled him down as quick as I could.

Fortunately he was not ‘burnt’ or had any ongoing issues, he never even lost trust in me.

I felt physical sick and ashamed in myself for days after, and obviously it still bothers me 20 years later.

The good thing to come from it is that I was so disturbed by my action that I have never knowingly inflicted pain on anyone or anything since.

– ChrisLeeHD

7. “Karma, my dudes.”

Second grade, I had a classmate (fake name Sasha) who was kinda awkward. Crooked teeth, quiet, not too bright. Didn’t really have any friends within the class, though she did have some people she would hang out with at recess.

In any case, a boy in the grade above us, a friend of my brother’s actually, for some reason decided to spread a rumor among all of us that Sasha had lice and to stay away from her. I bought it without a second thought, and so did most of us; as far as I know, she wasn’t particularly teased, but she was just shunned. No one talked to her. She was around till the end of the year and didn’t come back for third grade. No clue what happened to her, but I really hope we didn’t mess her up too much.

Next summer, I got the worst case of head lice my pediatrician had ever seen.

Karma, my dudes.

– Isabel79540

8. “Such a weird awkward encounter”

When I was around 11 or 12 I started sleeping in bed with my dad. My mum was in the same room but she slept in a separate bed. My dad was a twitcher and would violently thrash around so she moved to another bed.

Anyway, I started sleeping in bed with him And One night I woke up to my dad rubbing and playing with my nipple. He was essentially feeling me up and I could tell he was turned on. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t want to say anything because I thought if he was doing it on purpose to me he might hurt me. If he was doing it because he thought I was my mum then we’d both be really embarrassed. And if he was just doing it in sleep I didn’t want to make things awkward.

After a few minutes he stopped and we just laid there and he tried to draw his hand away but I stopped him and tried to get him to keep going. I have no idea why.

The next morning my dad obviously told my mum what had happened and she said “your dad touched you last night because he thought it was me”

I tried to deny it happened because I was embarrassed but eventually said that yes he had.

Then my dad came in and apologized to me.

It was such a weird awkward encounter and I never slept in the same bed as him again.

– katiebakes94

9. “Absolutely vile.”

I was in a “friend triangle” in middle school where a girl I became friends with was super jealous.

She manipulated me into writing absolutely vile and harassing, hate-filled notes to my other friend to “prove my loyalty” to her.

Honestly, it was absolutely vile and wrong of me to do, and I can’t believe I was weak and gullible enough to do it.

– romulusputtana

10. “She thought I was gay.”

A few years ago, my attractive neighbor was in my apartment with me.

She was extremely forward with things and even told me she was into S&M type stuff at some point. I thought she was into me at that point, we’ve been flirting for months.

Well she was looking around my apartment and bent over. She was just swaying her butt from side to side like she was being playful. I gave her a quick spank. I could not have miss read that situation any worse.

She was just trying to pick something off the low cabinet shelf. I’m still disgusted with myself even though I apologized. She said she was even more surprised because she thought I was gay.

– yankstraveler

11. “He was confused for obvious reasons.”

When I was 12 I was riding my bike around my neighborhood. I saw this guy. Probably in his 40s and started to approach him all “sexy like”. I cringe thinking what I looked like now. Anyway, He was in his car and started running his hand through his hair obviously uncomfortable but I still remember the look on his face. Like he was confused for obvious reasons but wouldn’t say no if I propositioned him. His friend started walking back to the car a minute later and I turned around and i rode away.

To this day I’m not exactly sure why I did it. I remember my parents watched a lot of crime dramas and I used to be allowed to watch them too. There was some sex and sex crimes etc in the shows and I think I was just copying the prostitutes I’d seen.

– katiebakes94

12. “I won’t ever hesitate to help.”

My husband and I bought a house and lived across the street from a really nice old man who was probably in his mid-eighties. We had JUST moved in and only chatted with him a few times, but it sounded like he lived alone and had adult children nearby who checked in on him regularly. He was pretty independent and walked every day and did lots of stuff around his house.

One day my husband and I were leaving and looked across the street to see our neighbor using his push mower to mow the grass. He was hanging on to the mower for balance and looked pretty wobbly. We had to meet a friend to pick up some mulch or something for our yard, which wasn’t going to take long, but both said “Oh man, let’s go over and finish cutting his grass when we get back.” We ran down the street and were probably gone less than 15 minutes.

As we returned, we could see up ahead a fire truck and ambulance and several police cars. In the 15 minutes we were gone, he had fallen and hurt himself, breaking his hip. He never came back to that house again. He left and went to a hospital, then a nursing home, then died. I think about it often and wish that we had just stopped to go over and mow his grass. He probably would have told us he didn’t need help, but I can’t help but wonder if he maybe would have said “Yeah, thanks for the help”.

I won’t ever hesitate to help someone again.

– woke_accipiter

13. “The fizz suds.”

When I worked at a movie theater I would sometimes top off regular coke with diet because a little bit of diet would eliminate the overabundance of fizz and allow me to finish filling the cup faster instead of waiting for the fizz suds to dissipate down

– TheRealOcsiban

14. “I shot a bird in the butt.”

I shot a bird in the butt with a bb gun. It was a really weak bb gun, like, you could pump it all the h*ll, and you could see the bb begin to descend right away.

The bird flew away, and it probably stung like a m***F****, but it was probably okay. I am still sorry I did it. I think I was 9 years old or something.

– AnEven7

15. “I was jealous.”

When I was in school I used my deodorant in the bathroom to write a nasty message about a girl.

I was jealous of her.

She was pretty, nice, loved by everyone.

I remember her finding out about it and asking why someone would do that because she was nice to everyone.

– Prola

All forgivable, except the coke thing. You should go to prison jail.

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