Do you like video games? We think so. Do you like the person you’re with? We sure hope so.

Do you want to play video games with the person you’re with? Of course you do!

But it isn’t always easy to find the perfect match for both of you. Lucky for everybody, there’s a very long and helpful list compiled by the people of Reddit based on this prompt by user HornedOwlsNest:

What is the best video game for couples to play?
byu/HornedOwlsNest inAskReddit

There are over 20 thousand comments, so we’ll whittle it down to a few gems for ya:

1. Unravel 2

Unravel 2 is super relaxing and cute.

Bought it to play with my wife, she doesn’t really play games but she enjoyed the first one.

– boogieboogie

2. Borderlands

Borderlands split screen is great.

My husband and I always argue about getting the best loot and guns.

– Fandangojango

3. Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 was perfect for me and my ex since we are both into D&D.

– Jurelover

4. Dead by Daylight

My SO and I play Dead by Daylight as survivors.

We get frustrated together when the killer is good, and we cheer together when the killer is bad. Perfect bonding experience…

– NihilisticMind

5. Broken down by taste:

If your SO is into action games: Borderlands, Sniper Elite, Left 4 Dead. Also Battle Royales.

If your SO is into non-violent games: Stardew Valley, Factorio, Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Don’t Starve Together, etc.

If your SO is not used to videogames: Story driven games you can play together such as The Red Strings Club, Oxenfree, Life is Strange, Telltale games in general.

If your SO is into board games/party games: Monster Prom, Tricky Towers, Town of Salem, etc.

Would also recommend: Dungeon of the Endless (coop tower defense dungeon crawler) and The Escapists 2 (silly prison break sim)

– TheDanibits

6. Crusander Kings 2

If your partner doesn’t leave you for marrying your hot pagan daughter then your relationship is true.

Also holds up in game

– Basil-II-of-Rome

7. Pokemon GO

I’ll probably get some hate for this but Pokemon Go, you basically go out for walks to random places with your girlfriend and you catch rare Pokemon together

– TannedCroissant

8. Fallout

Not as a co-op, but it’s fun to play something like Fallout and let your significant other pick all the decisions, dialogue options, and where to go next.

– archaelleon

9. A gallery of gaming:

Here are the games my BF and I play, most of the games we play are PC games and we play with controllers. […]

Overcooked – My guy and I love it. It is challenging, silly and fun.
It is also a coop style game so you NEED to communicate, plan and support to be able to complete some of the super hard levels.
Supports up to 4 players.

Cuphead – OMG hard, side scrolling shooter game done in the style of 1930’s cartoons (hand animated, and a Netflix show coming out soon).
I suck at it but we still have fun with it.
For up to 2 players.

Lego games (Xbox 360)
Fun, nostalgic, story based and lots of game options.
We are currently playing Lego Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Various emulator games
We have played arcade games on emulator, last one was TMNT arcade, later got to play the actual machine at a convention and beat it.
We have even played games that are older than us (both 37).

– ceanahope

10. Mario Odyssey

Playing as Cappy is actually pretty fun.

– madtrippinfool

11. Breath of the Wild

My GF and I are currently playing through Breath of the Wild.

She’s pretty new to gaming but she loves the exploration, climbing, hunting, and gathering resources/loot.

Whenever she gets in over her head in a difficult fight, I’ll take over and deal with the bad guys.

– Commander_Guts27

12. Two strong suggestions:

For a game where either can be badasses but together is better, Dynasty Warriors.

Most Warriors games that are multiplayer fits this.

For a game where teamwork is crucial, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

– nybx4life

13. Fortnite

It’s not technically “co-op”, but my girlfriend and I used to play fortnite together.

She was the mouse and I was the keyboard. That shit was a riot when we had to fight and communicate just to move.


14. Old fashioned fun:

My gf isn’t much of a gamer, but we play L.A. Noire. I do the driving and shooting, etc. and she loves the crime aspect and trying to figure out how to solve said crime and who is guilty and what not.

That and we also play Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on the switch if you’re into that stuff.

Lastly, check out jackbox party pack. You play with your phone and it’s great for multiple players too.

– tHeNiGhTmAnCoMeTh413

15. Minecraft?

Minecraft, you can put your beds next to each other… haha jk… unless? ??? – CreamyFappucinno

You know what they say: the couple that plays together, stays together.

What would you add to this list?

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