If I had a dollar for every hour of my life that I’d spent sitting around obsessing over things I can’t control, I’d be so rich that I’d probably sit around worrying about what to do with all that money.

Cause that’s just how my brain do – and it’s not alone.

Overthinkers of reddit, What was it today?
byu/unluckypup inAskReddit

Here are a few things the overthinkers of Reddit just can’t let go of.

1. I only live to not die

the feeling of stop existing is something that I still can’t process and the thought of the death every person that I know haunts me it’s like: me, in mi 90’s, where every friend has already died, and there is me, alone, in that moment that I thought it will never arrive, everyone thinks that death will never come, you have no one.

And the meaning of life: it has no meaning, I only live to not die, only living the present.

– Kezk_

2. Emotional baggage

If my luggage will be within my allocated weight limit, despite weighing it twice and having 3kg allowance, for a trip that is in two weeks.

– silenceinthismeyham

3. DVT

Deep vein thrombosis. The idea that if you sit for too long a weird blood thing develops and you stand up and it goes to your head and you straight up die?? No thanks.

Am I at risk at all? No. Does that stop me from panicking whenever my leg aches slightly? Also no.

– lilaccomma

4. Pasta problems

Had a friend over for dinner the other night and I cannot stop obsessing about how I put too much pasta in the stroganoff and threw off the overall pasta to sauce ratio. Everything was delicious and nobody likely noticed that I meant to withhold 1/4 of the box but me.

It’s been 2 days I need to let it go and stop composing my apology email.

– Chaotic-NTRL

5. What do you know?

How can this be:

Why is that if someone says “That guy doesn’t know Jack S**t about it,” or if they say, “That guy knows Jack S**t about it,” they’ve said the same thing?

– Back2Bach

6. The lost ones

My ex and my son. How are they? Is she working? Is he healthy? Is her husband working? Are they enjoying life?

She has a terminal illness, it’s unlikely that she’ll live to see her 50’s. How far has that progressed? What happens when she passes, if she goes before me?

Is her husband still an alcoholic? Is this savings account going to be big enough/necessary for my son when he’s ready to take his first steps into the adult world?

Will he even know my name?

– hondac55

7. Gene expressions

Saw a guy at the supermarket and he looked extremely familiar.

Spent two to five minutes staring into the void (aka the Kinder Surprise stand) while trying to figure out where I could have met him before and how different genes’ combinations may result in the expression of a same phenotype.

– Seannot

8. Nothing is stable

“That’s the way it is” is a bulls**t concept.

It implies that things have reached a steady state. Things have become stable. And it’s going to stay that way.

Not true! The natural state of the universe is not stability; nothing would exist if the universe was completely stable.

The heat death of the universe isn’t going to come about because everything is going to stay the same. Everything has to change to reach that ultimate state of equilibrium. Constant change. Constant flux.

We marvel at Kings who ruled for a long time, because stability is fleeting. It’s hard to keep control of things for so long because change keeps happening. Change is the natural state of the universe. Culture, technology, evolution, all just a series of responses to the inevitably changing universe.

– BoodaSRK

9. Workday woes

I worry about making mistakes at work and how it’ll be the worst thing ever and it’ll f**k everything up, so I usually end up asking my coworkers too many questions.

Need to learn to make my own decisions and buckle up for the outcome.

– fritschinator

10. “What was it today?”

What does that mean? Does it mean what was, like, cool that day? Is that a common expression?

Am I just underdeveloped in internet phrases? Or is it like, what happened today, like, “oh man, what was it today?”

On the concept that everyone has at least one bad experience a day?

– pain198400

11. Never skip leg day

I tried to be responsible and go to bed at 11pm last night.

I woke at 4 and spent the next 3 hours thinking about how I’ve been doing leg lifts wrong for the last couple of years, and how many other exercises I’ve been messing up and what I need to do to fix them.

– Armoric701

12. Don’t wanna be clingy

My SO hasn’t replied to my msgs since morning so i ofc ran every simulation from smthn bad may have happened to her, to how she probably hates me now (overthinking makes no sense) but i can’t bring myself to call cus i don’t wanna seem clingy


13. The psychology of it all

Yesterday I was talking to a colleague about ambiguities of sexual origin (psychologist here) and we talked about a lesbian girl who is a fan of Yaoi (love between men in the manga/anime).

I’m deeply intrigued, can’t sleep.

– SnooCrickets3204

14. Also I dislike my knees

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and he has a large family of men. I’m gonna be meeting his family for the first time during this birthday bash or whatever you wanna call it.

I’ve just been thinking what the odds would be that I had went to school with one of his family members.

What stories would they remember?? How would they have viewed me given I was both the awkward shy girl but the girl a lot of ppl had assumptions about going around??

Also I dislike my knees lol

– Pinkcoupon

15. The big dream

I overthink about a lot of things that are usual of things of life. But something really bothered me this time and it’s been messing with me this whole day.

I had a dream where I was using a pair of socks, pasta noodles, and wooden clips as a cellphone.

Now, I’ve had a lot of absurd dreams, being a writer, but this has puzzled me greatly. Like, how was I talking to another human being with this odd combination of items? How could they hear me? How could I hear them? How did I even dial or hang up the phone? How….?

– Lilfishymanman

Pro tip: dreams aren’t real? So they don’t need to make sense? You’re welcome.

What have you been overthinking lately?

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