As a Millennial, I’ve spent the majority of my life being told by members of older generations that I’m far too entitled and whiny.

But the truth is, I’ve never noticed any higher rates of that sort of behavior among my contemporaries than in any other group. Entitled jerks can come from anywhere, unfortunately.

Like these people, who apparently never learned the word “no.”

15. Begging and choosing

To be fair, I’d much rather give my friends Uber money than, say, drive them to the airport at 6am.

14. Tips and tricks

It’s not take-a-penny-leave-a-penny, dude.

13. Something borrowed

If I had $250 headphones I wouldn’t even loan them, tbh.

12. Cat’s out of the bag

This is just…absolutely cruel.

11. No refunds

You’re thinking of a prostitute, friend.

10. Bring the heat

Yes, I’m sure Starbucks is in dire financial trouble because they don’t abide by your weird, made up rules about sandwiches.

9. Food for thought

If someone tells you they’re hungry but then refuses your offer of food, something’s up.

8. Lifestyles of the rich and the famous

All the exposure in the world is worth nothing if it just leads to gigs that pay in more exposure.

7. Marching orders

“My husband is in the army so WHY AREN’T RESTAURANTS GIVING ME FREE WINE?”

6. Free and a half

How does this person think commerce works?

5. Whip it good

Took me a minute to realize they were talking about a car…

4. No good deed unpunished

Aaaaand now the whole thing is taking even longer. Thanks.

3. Secret menu

Oh yeah. It’s big brain time.

2. Water, water everywhere

The cost of maintaining a pool is around $4,000/year. The cost of a glass of tap water is less than a tenth of a penny.

1. Stepping up

When your name has a lot of pull, but not so much that you can afford to hire craftsmen.

Look, if you can’t afford something necessary, just say so. Someone is probably willing to help you out. But don’t…yanno. Don’t be like this.

What’s some weird entitlement you’ve been witness to lately?

Tell us in the comments.