I’m not a good babysitter – I never really have been. The dynamic I can’t understand with babysitting is why kids need you to entertain them the entire time. Maybe it’s because growing up I preferred to stay in my room and just sort of create things with my imagination, but I don’t get it.

I conclude from this that I would make a terrible nanny. Having to be a babysitter day in and day out for many hours at a time sounds like a nightmare, especially if the kids themselves are tricky, like the ones in these confessions from real nannies.

12. Not fair


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11. Drugged up

A little dab probably won’t hurt…

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10. A big dump

Is he super clumsy or is it some sort of power move?

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9. Taking a toy

The rich get richer.

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8. A clean sweep

Irresponsibility all around.

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7. Idiot

That is not a fun power dynamic.

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6. Skin deep

Kids just roast and they don’t even know it.

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5. Different worlds

“She’s just raising our children, no need to pay her a living wage.”

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4. In the weeds

Ok but it sounds like he’s going to jail soon.

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3. Hunger strike

How are kids like this? They burn off a million calories a day, how are they not starving?

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2. Purchase denied

This makes me want to burn the entire app industry to the ground.

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1. I swear


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Here’s to you, nannies of the world. You’re braver than I.

Do you have experience watching kids? What was it like?

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