You know that overdone scene in comedy movies where there’s some sort of very fancy event going on that gets completely ruined by the wacky, ill-mannered, irreverent buffoon character? Now imagine that that event isn’t happening in a movie, but in real life, and that we all invite the buffoons on purpose and then act surprised when they make a mess of things. THAT’S what having kids at a wedding is like.

Many couples choose to specify a lower age limit for wedding guests and ask that any parents planning to attend get sitters for the young ones. It’s a move that frequently gets scoffed at or called rude, but I think by the end of this thread you’ll agree that the idea of kids at weddings needs to be retired forever.

10. A tale of two kiddies

That’s one expensive poop that kid is gonna take later.

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9. You got served

What did we learn here today?

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8. Best bee-havior

Nobody else was talking about this? You’d think it would be all the buzz.

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7. Utter chaos

It’s almost like children don’t understand or care about ceremonies.

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6. Oh, baby

“It’s cool, this only cost $1,000.”

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5. Chocolate rain

I wonder if she made any veiled threats.

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4. Pray and spray

I can smell this story.

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3. Bloody hell

He just wanted to show off his moves.

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2. Leap of fate

My wedding, my choice.

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1. Break a leg!

This is the final bit of evidence anyone should need.

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And it really doesn’t stop there. In fact, right this minute, you’re probably remembering a time you were at a wedding that got thoroughly messed up by a kid. Think about it. Replay it in your head. Remember the embarrassing nonsense it caused. I think we can all agree that while children are great, and our future, and the light of their parents’ lives, there are certain places they shouldn’t be. Weddings need to be forever added to that list.

Or do you disagree?

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