Hey quick question – what the **** is going on on Tumblr? I mean, we’re a website called Humans of Tumblr, and even we don’t know what these weirdos are up to. With a lot of these posts, we’re not sure whether to laugh or call for help or join whatever cult they apparently have because it looks like fun.

In the end, I guess there’s little we can do but watch the show. Here are 15 of the weirdest Tumblr posts for your…enjoyment?

15. This bagel BITES

Truly the greatest actor of our generation.


14. Cat burglars

Snitches get hisses.


13. Shaving Sasquatch

(I don’t normally do this but my comedy group actually made a whole series about this concept if you wanna watch it.)


12. Scooby-don’t

Don’t meddle with kids.


11. Venn diagram

Here’s a little lesson in trickery…


10. Ghost in the machine

I would like to unsee this, thank you.


9. Nothing rhymes with terror

Orange you glad I didn’t say I’ll be haunting your dreams?


8. In the bag

Fool of a took! The bagpipes will hear you!


7. Wait, wet?

I swear some of these folks live on another planet.


6. The Scottish Byelands

It’s been nice knowing ya.


5. Congratulations, Mr. President

This is how the next election is probably gonna go.


4. Brick and murder

It would finally make soccer interesting to watch…


3. Creep, MD

My mistake, I’ll go ahead and never sleep again.


2. Hallelujah

The snort noise I made upon reading this was inhuman.


1. The rat race

Don’t underestimate how cut throat the restaurant industry is.


I don’t feel like I’m any closer to diagnosing whatever is happening on this website, but I do feel as though I maybe care a little less, because whatever it is, it’s fun.

What’s your favorite kind of weird to find on Tumblr?

Tell us about it in the comments, weirdos.