Everybody needs a little wholesome now and then. Some time to cut through the clutter and the noise and return to something that’s genuine and gentle and just a simple, kind expression of what it is to be a human being.

Turns out, there’s a good amount of that coming from the people of Tumblr. This gallery contains just a few of the many selections of folks using the platform to spread nice for the sake of nice.

We hope you’ll find it encouraging.

15. “Designed to love”

14. You are seen

13. Brace for impact!

12. Catching feelings

11. Control what you can

10. I tama-got-you

9. And some milk!

8. Some people are young for their age

7. I’m on a boat, don’t you EVER forget!

6. It’s literally your pocket watch

5. Don’t judge too quick

4. The softer side of the old west

3. I need to be able to like a like

2. A pirate’s life for me

1. Coming out of my shell

We hope this has brought a little spark of good to your day. Don’t forget to pass that good on to someone who could use it!

What’s the most uplifting thing you’ve seen recently?

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