Have you been swiping around on dating apps recently? Just can’t find a good match?

Well good news, because we’ve got some interesting candidates here today, brought to you by the people of Reddit.

Have a look yourself and see.

15. The year 2080

Now that’s just brilliant.

Perfect bio doesn’t exist..
byu/VoldLoldermort inTinder

14. Bare the truth

Love it.

Holy fuck
byu/ExoSpectra inTinder

13. When life gives you lemons

Get angry, because you definitely didn’t order them.

by inTinder

12. Insightful questions

What was the name of your third grade teacher? What’s a nice, memorable 4-digit code?

byu/____Bella____ inTinder

11. Diabetic Father

Well you won’t have to look too far for that.

She doesn’t speak English and I’m 90% sure that last line is a google translation of sugar daddy and I can’t stop laughing
byu/DoctorPoopTrain inTinder

10. Movin’ out

There’d better be pizza and beer at the end of this.

That’s one way to get help moving.
byu/dopiertaj inTinder

9. Wish me luck

He’s gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.

Figured I gotta get over my fear of girls somehow. Wish me luck :)))
byu/crowbachprints inTinder

8. Worlds apart

Can you even hear us from way up there?

Tragedy of Tinder
by inTinder

7. Specific reasons

That’s one way to save some cash, I guess.

Had me in the first half, not gonna lie
byu/crwnhm inTinder

6. Tere

Step one is admitting you have a profile.

Shocking discovery tbh
byu/Sekkee inTinder

5. A solid

I’m not sure if my desire to help out would outweigh my desire not to get involved in a family mess.

Do you think her mom uses reddit?
byu/koolgamer12 inTinder

4. The perfect date

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?

Just promise the perfect date, and watch the matches roll in
byu/Slayer525 inTinder

3. Flat out wrong

She ded but she still cultured.

The perfect woman does exist.
byu/Sir_cocconut inTinder

2. Getting trashed

Thought this was a picture of me and got confused for a minute.

I never super liked someone so fast.
byu/ManiacMacaque inTinder

1. Walk the walk

Hey, whatever kills a Wednesday afternoon.

Good news. We matched
byu/jackrbruce inTinder

Any of those seem like good matches? Best of luck to you either way.

What’s the best or worst experience you’ve had with a dating app?

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