There are few feelings worse in this world than slowly coming to realize that you’re in a relationship you really shouldn’t be in.

Sometimes that takes a dramatic and obvious form, like realizing your partner is absolutely toxic or awful to you, but sometimes it’s a lot more subtle. Sometimes it’s just a dawning like “Oh. This person is fine but they don’t make me happy. Someone else makes me happy. Why am I not with them?”

It’s enough to spin you into a crisis, especially if you’re not sure whether the feelings would be reciprocated. Here are ten real confessions about just how bad the struggle can be.

10. “I’m dating the wrong person.”

He doesn’t let you? That sounds dangerous.

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9. “I have no idea what to do.”

I wouldn’t either, in your shoes.

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8. “I’m too afraid to break up.”

It’s a nagging fear that catches up to us all at some point.

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7. “I can’t wait to see her.”

This is a bit of a reverse of the situation.

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6. “I’m in love.”

Three extremely powerful words.

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5. “I made the wrong decision.”

It’s not too late to make a different one.

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4. “I get happier…”

When you catch your own face lighting up.

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3. “I spent 7 years…”

A very long time to feel wasted.

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2. “So uncomfortable.”

And yet so hard to walk away from.

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1. “I couldn’t find peace.”

What does it say about you that they’d rather face the streets?

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Best of luck to all the star-crossed lovers out there. Life’s too short to be spent with the wrong people.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

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